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Breast Augmentation Patient
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Alice - Medical Biller

Hello my name is Alicia I joined Dr. Corbin's staff in June of 1994 I am the medical coder and biller my main focus in our practice is helping patients with insurance issues and educating them. I am the patient advocate with insurance companies when they see Dr. Corbin for reconstruction and medically necessary surgery. This is where my heart is with plastic surgery, to see Dr. Corbin reconstruct breasts after a patient has had breast cancer or reconstruct a nose after a has had skin cancer or helping someone after having a trauma or deformities of all kinds, Dr. Cobin is giving back so much of what cancer or trauma or birth defects has taken away them. I am so happy to be a part of that.

I also have been fortunate enough to have Dr. Corbin do a rhinoplasty and mastopexy augmentation which made a big difference in my appearance. My philosophy on plastic surgery is if it makes you look and feel better then just do it! But make sure Dr. Corbin does it.

Our goal in our office is that the patient is educated, safe and happy!

Dee - Patient Care Coordinator

My name is Dee and I am the Patient Care Coordinator here at the practice of Dr. Frederic H. Corbin. Not only have I worked for Dr. Corbin for over 20 years, I am a fellow patient as well. Our belief here at the practice is that beauty and trust come hand in hand when it comes to plastic surgery. Dr. Corbin not only is highly skilled as a surgeon, he is an artist. Plastic surgery is an art. When an individual is seeking to improve their appearance, trust and beauty speak for itself when it comes to the work of the surgeon. I as a Patient Care Coordinator, first and foremost, assure the patient that they are truly at a trusted practice. I have had my own family members come to Dr. Corbin for surgery, and they have been more than happy with their results, and trust no other surgeon like Dr. Corbin. As a Patient Care Coordinator for Dr. Corbin, I take the time to discuss concerns and questions the patient may have prior to surgery and after, so that the transition from consultation to the actual surgery date goes smoothly.

I feel the before and after photos of Dr. Corbin’s patients speaks for itself. His artistry creates a canvas for the epitome of what plastic surgery should be. If you are considering having plastic surgery, give us an hour of your time and see what a lifetime of beauty can give you.