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Circum Vertical Technique (SPAIR) - Page 6

Bilateral SPAIR breast reduction

Problem: Large, uneven, droopy, heavy breasts which are causing severe back Neck and shoulder pain.

Age: 46

Height: 5’3

Weight: 170 lbs

Pre-op cup size: 38 DDD
Post-op cup size: 38 C-D

This patient suffered from severe back and shoulder pain as a result of the weight of her breasts. Dr. Corbin performed a bilateral Spair breast reduction removing 500 grams of breast tissue from her right breast and 600 grams from her left breast .

SPAIR lift

This patient was referred to Dr. Corbin by her sister and daughter who are both patients of Dr. Corbin’s . She is totally ecstatic about her breasts after the spair reduction. The patient is amazed that she does not have the long anchor scars on her breasts. She also loves the fact that her breasts are firmer and perkier.

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