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Breast Redos - Page 7

Problem: Synmastia

Age: 36

Height: 5’7

Weight: 138 lbs

Implant size: 500cc
Implant Placement: Sub muscular through a peri areolar approach
Implant Type: Mentor siltex (textured) gel

Procedure: This patient had several previous breast surgeries by other surgeons in order to try and correct her breast Synmastia. After many unsuccessful surgeries, this patient was referred to Dr. Corbin from a friend and former patient of Dr. Corbin’s

Breast Redos

The patient had low self esteem and was depressed over the appearance of her breasts.

At her consultation Dr. Corbin explained to her in great detail what surgery he felt would give her the best result. He also gave her reassurance that he could help her with corrective surgery.

At the patient’s first surgery with Dr. Corbin, he took out the patient’s implants and capsules. He then reconstructed both her breasts.

After four months the patient healed and Dr. Corbin performed a bilateral breast augmentation.

This surgery has changed the patient’s life! She is confident , happy and very grateful for Dr. Corbin’s years of experience and surgical expertise.