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Name: Amanda Bust: 34 B/C
Waist: 25 Hips: 33
Height: 5'6 Weight: 115
Personal Goals: Retire and travel the world by age 60. Have a happy and successful marriage and family. I always want to keep my family close and involved in my life.
Pet Peeves: Slurping when eating or drinking, and when people don’t clean up after their pets.
Perfect Day: Jeep ride, hike, picnic, swim in the creek with my fiancé.
Personal Style: classic, vintage
Hobbies: hiking, jeeping, shopping, travelling, cooking.
Inspiration: My family and all of their accomplishments, strength, grace and humility.

Three Most Important Things to Me:
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Being happy with who I am


Testimonial Breast Augmentation:
I had known that I wanted to have a breast augmentation since I was 18. When having surgery finally became possible, I began talking with many different friends who had beautiful breast implants. Dr. Corbin’s name kept coming up and several of my friends who already had breast augmentations from him had great things to say about him and his work!

I booked a consultation and I was very impressed after our first meeting. The whole staff is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Corbin is very upfront and honest. There is no sales and sugar coating. He educated me on what would be best for me and I am very grateful I went to him for my breast surgery. His approach is exactly what I wanted.

I had researched breast augmentation and implant size before for hours and hours. I looked at thousands of before and after photos and read patient testimonials. Dr. Corbin gave me his suggestions and based on his experience I felt very comfortable taking his expert advice. The surgery process was very easy and comfortable. I am VERY HAPPY with the outcome. The staff helped me pick the perfect size breasts for me!

I highly recommend Dr. Corbin to my friends and family. The whole plastic surgery process was pleasant from start to finish. I never felt uncomfortable or pressured to rush to make a decision and I got a very natural look which is exactly what I was looking for.