Breast Surgery Patient of the Month
Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Andrea Bust: 34 C
Waist: 26 Hips: 35
Height: 5'7 Weight: 117
Personal Goals: To be successful in life, reach all my goals and to be happy.
Pet Peeves: Waiting, people who don’t smile, people who are rude and dirty fingernails.
Personal Style: Relaxed, outgoing and always up for a challenge.
Hobbies: Sports, running, school and reading.
Three Most Important Things to Me:

I got breast implants because I was not confident with my appearance; I had low self esteem because I was only a 34 A and I was never able to wear the cute tops I wanted. I had thought about breast implants forever. I heard so many great things about Dr. Corbin so I booked an appointment to learn more about the surgery.

I walked into Dr. Corbin’s office unsure of the surgery and I walked out knowing I was going to do it! The staff was so nice and made me feel so comfortable. I can honestly say I wish I had done it sooner. I am now a 34 C and loving it. It was the best thing I’ve done for myself. I am no longer self conscious about my body. I am not embarrassed to get into a swimsuit or any of those cute tops. I get the attention I want and I have the Image I want. I am so happy and thankful I was able to find such a great doctor. He is truly amazing!