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I think Dr. Corbin is the best surgeon! I have friends who also went to him for surgery, but I was so scared!

I didn't think I would be able to handle the pain of breast surgery. Luckily, it was so much easier than I expected. Dr. Corbin's staff is really nice. They were all so understanding about my concerns and anxiety.

After surgery I was out and about after only 3 days. I think the vitamins Dr. Corbin gave me before surgery really helped me heal fast! I definitely recommend Dr. Corbin and breast surgery.

After I saw a magazine article about Dr. Corbin, I knew I had to make an appointment. Once he showed me some amazing before and after pictures of other patients, I felt confident he would do a great job with me too!

Before surgery I was a small A cup. I could never get any of my shirts to fit properly, and I didn't feel comfortable wearing them. I developed a complex about my looks and decided it was time to make a positive change.

Now after my surgery I feel very confident about how I look to myself and others. I can wear anything now and I feel great. more

My decision to actually go through breast surgery was a 2 year ordeal. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to change my mind or regret my decision. The longer I waited the more I wanted to have surgery. I am so glad I did it! I really wanted to wait and find the right doctor. I am extremely happy with the more