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Breast Augmentation Testimonial: I've wanted a breast augmentation for longer than I can remember. I started developing breasts pretty early on. Because I sprouted so quickly, I've always had stretch marks since I was about 11 years old. As an adult my weight has fluctuated so I've always felt like I had deflated breasts. (Forget the pencil test- I could stick the T.V. remote under there!) I don't have any children so I didn't think there were any excuses for me to have, National Geographic, boobs at 30. I was told by others,"they look fine", but this was about me being comfortable in my own skin and I just wasn't... read more

Patient Testimonial breast augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills: Before I had seen Dr. Corbin's work, I had never wanted to get my boobs done. Every time I saw"fake boobs" they always looked that way to me, and I am not a fan of anything fake. I knew I would rather keep my small, natural boobs…until I met a girl who had the nicest boobs ever. They didn't look fake, but they looked too nice not to be. She was Dr. Corbin's patient. I got my boobs done 7 months later, and I love them! So natural looking, and fit my body perfectly... read more

Breast Augmentation Testimonial: I always wanted a breast enhancement. After years of wishing and researching, on April 2, 2008 I made my dreams a reality. I always dreamed of having larger breasts so I turned to the breast expert, Dr. Corbin. I wanted a breast augmentation because I wanted to feel more confident about my body. After my surgery I feel great about myself physically and emotionally. Dr. Corbin and his staff made me feel comfortable and assured me that everything would be ok. And I can honestly say, they were right! read more