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Testimonial: Dr. Corbin is an AMAZING DOCTOR! He turned my dreams and visualizations into reality. I honestly could not be happier and I highly recommend Dr. Frederic Corbin to anyone who is considering any plastic surgery. He is an intelligent, straight forward and skillful doctor, but an artist as well! I know many of his patients and they too like me are all very happy patients.

Plastic surgery is an option and I very seriously wanted to make the best decision for my body and my plastic surgeon in L.A.. I succeeded in finding the best surgeon and getting the best results! Life is good! more from this breast augmentation patient

Patient Testimonial (Breast Augmentation): After several months of research on breast augmentation it became obvious to me that Dr. Corbin is the premier plastic surgeon. After my consultation with Dr. Corbin I was convinced that with his expertise and experience he was going to make my dreams come true.

As a young woman I have now achieved a level of confidence which has enabled me to branch out in both the professional and social networks. I feel blessed! more from this breast augmentation patient

Testimonial: May 2006 I had my first successful breast augmentation with another surgeon with 350 cc implants. My breasts had defiantly been enlarged with the appearance of baseballs sitting on top of my chest. I knew within 3 months that I would be going bigger in breast size and with a better doctor within the next year and a half.

June 2007 I made a big move to Los Angeles for my career. During work one day I had gone outside for a small break and ran into the lovely and charming Mrs. Corinne Corbin and her very outgoing girlfriend Peggy (age 93). Peggy wasted no time in checking out my goods by reaching up, grabbing my right boob and asking, are they real or fake? Cause I know this great doctor! Laughing out of shock, but not embracement, I said, I'll be shopping soon for new doctor. I soon learned Corinne's husband was a top plastic more from this breast augmentation patient

Patient Testimonial Breast augmentation revision: My experience with Dr. Corbin has been nothing short of a miracle! After having two previous surgeries with my old plastic surgeon, I truly thought my breasts were never going to look the way I wanted them to look.

After my past 2 disappointing breast surgeries, I decided that I wasn’t going to just let any surgeon, especially my old surgeon, lay another finger on me. I was older, more mature and experienced since my first breast enhancement more from this breast augmentation patient