Breast Surgery Patient of the Month
Breast Surgery Patient


Testimonial: Dr. Corbin, First I want to start off by saying THANK YOU FOR THE HAPPINESS YOU BROUGHT TO ME! You really are a wonderful man and gifted plastic surgeon. Not only am I 100% satisfied with my new breasts, you made me feel very comfortable pre surgery too.

Before my breast augmentation I felt so insecure about my body, especially my breasts. Dr. Corbin after your surgery you gave me so much confidence and I would recommend you to anyone! Awesome results! Thank you to The Breast Expert!

Dee & Maryanne, you are two of the sweetest down to earth women I have ever met! You guys made me feel so comfortable about coming in for breast surgery. I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. You guys are amazing!

Nurse Priscilla, amazing lady with a huge heart! Thank you so much for being a total sweetheart! It’s hard to find nurses who are genuinely this sweet. Dr. Corbin and his office are awesome medical professionals.

Xoxoxo- Ashley

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Name: Ashley Bust: 32 D
Waist: 23 Hips: 31
Height: 5'2 Weight: 100
Personal Goals: I hope that in time I will be successful with an awesome career and a beautiful family
Pet Peeves: dirty toes, dirty teeth, jealousy, lying cheaters, stubborn people
Perfect day: No work, no drama and finding an envelope addressed ” whoever finds it” filled with a million dollars cash in it!
Personal Style: I buy whatever makes me feel good
Hobbies: shopping, hanging out with my friends trying new things and meeting new people
Inspiration: people who make an honest living, the work of god, my parents, my sister in law
Three Most Important Things to Me:

Name: Melissa Bust: 34 DD
Waist: 26 Hips: 33
Height: 5'3 Weight: 110
Personal Goals: To get over my fears and have some kids! Save enough money to stay home and raise them myself. Travel more and eventually retire wealthy. Live a long and healthy life!
Pet Peeves: Bragging, jealousy, rudeness, know it all’s, liars and laziness. And most of all when people turn on their windshield wipers and wash their windows while driving on the freeway in front of me after I just washed my car! That’s rude people!
Perfect day: #1 winning the mega millions jackpot ! #2 spending all day in my pajamas with my husband!
Personal Style: A good pair of jeans and a sexy top. I try to stick with items I will wear a lot, but usually buy off impulse and end of giving things to my sisters! I can never own enough shoes, purses and Chanel sunglasses.
Hobbies: Shopping, going to Vegas and the river, cooking, hanging out with my family and friends and exercising.

Inspiration: My mother will always be a huge inspiration to me! She was always strong and positive throughout her battle that was lost in July of 2006. She saw good in every person she met and she lived unselfishly. She taught me to forgive and that love is the most important aspect of life, nothing else matters. I will always miss her unconditional and pure love.

My father inspires me for his perseverance and strength after the loss of two soul mates he kept fighting and fell in love with a third. Never giving up reaching his goals of owning a successful business. Always being a supportive and loving father, especially when you need a shoulder to cry on. And for my stepmothers and fathers’ vast amount of patients to raise 5 kids!

My grandfather inspires me because he is a brilliant businessman with a giving heart, who always puts his family first. He’s taught me that success is about making good choices and without a little risk you will never succeed. I owe half the success I have today to his guidance and wisdom.

Three Most Important Things to Me:
My Family
My Friends
My Husband

Testimonial: When I first decided to undergo cosmetic surgery, I was very nervous about picking the right surgeon. I have seen so many bad “boob jobs” and was fearful I would end up with breasts that looked unnatural, with big scars and disfigured. It took me many months of researching to find Dr. Corbin. Once I met with him I was so confident that he would give me exactly what I was looking for which is beautiful breasts.

Not only was I impressed with Dr. Corbin, his experience and surgical ability, but his staff is also great. Dee and Merri Ann are so sweet! They take their time explaining everything to you and are always very helpful and kind. Nurse Priscilla is truly an angel! I have never met a more devoted nurse and so down to earth. She called just to check on me from her cell phone on her lunch break to make sure I was feeling okay and to see if I needed anything! Dr. Corbin is very fortunate to have such a wonderful team. A real benefit too for his patients.

My first breast surgery was in 2005. I was so happy to finally have the confidence and feel I was more proportionate. My only regret after my first breast aug was not going big enough! (For those of you who are looking to get your breasts done and keep stressing whether or not you are making the right size choice, trust me, go bigger)! I decided it was time to go and see Dr. Corbin again to get larger breast implants and the fullness I had been looking for.

Now I’m happier than ever and I really have the confidence to feel amazing in and out of my clothes! I have recommended Dr. Corbin to many of my family members and friends who also love his work. I am always getting complimented on what a great job Dr. Corbin does.

Thank you, Dr. Corbin, Dee, Merri Ann and Priscilla!

Much Love, Melissa