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Name: Candice Bust: 34C
Waist: 24 Hips: 34
Height: 5'3 Weight: 110
Personal Goals: By the age of 21 I accomplished all my personal goals of graduating college and having a successful career. So now the last 2 years has been focusing on making new goals that include: saving money, traveling the world, owning a dog and a house.
Perfect Day: My perfect day would be a spontaneous surprise from the one that truly loves me.
Pet Peeves: Heavy breathing, people who chew with their mouths open, and people that think they can push me around.
Personal Style: I am a pants person. Although I enjoy dressing up on occasion, nothing beats a great pair of jeans
Hobbies: Snowboarding, wakeboarding, dancing, reading, listening to lectures and being told a story.
Inspiration: I have been so lucky to have encounter so many great people that have made me a better woman. My most recent inspiration is the founder of Bosom Buddies and dear close friend Cathy Z. a fighter of breast cancer who lost the fight June 08. She was a woman that taught me to always keep moving forward against all odds. Second, a firing red headed, hot pink lip woman named Peggy. She showed me that there are no limitations
to life and that your never to old for anything!
Three Most Important Things to Me:
1. Family
2. Always moving forward.
3. Expanding my horizons.

Testimonial: May 2006 I had my first successful breast augmentation with another surgeon with 350 cc implants. My breasts had defiantly been enlarged with the appearance of baseballs sitting on top of my chest. I knew within 3 months that I would be going bigger in breast size and with a better doctor within the next year and a half.

June 2007 I made a big move to Los Angeles for my career. During work one day I had gone outside for a small break and ran into the lovely and charming Mrs. Corinne Corbin and her very outgoing girlfriend Peggy (age 93). Peggy wasted no time in checking out my goods by reaching up, grabbing my right boob and asking, are they real or fake? Cause I know this great doctor! Laughing out of shock, but not embracement, I said, I'll be shopping soon for new doctor. I soon learned Corinne's husband was a top plastic surgeon.

In the next few months I became well acquainted with Corinne Corbin. In plain sight, I quickly saw the perfection and dedication they showed in their work and to their patients. There was no doubt in my mind or my fiance's mind who my doctor was going to be, none other than Dr. Fredric Corbin. He was very straight forward and honest about what he could do and what he wouldn't do for my figure.

November 2007, I went under the knife and had 600cc adhesive silicone implants put in. My girlfriend Breanna was so impressed with Dr. Corbin's work on me that she scheduled her surgery with him 2 weeks after I had surgery. Within 3 months of having my breast augmentation I had referred 4 girlfriends to Dr. Corbin. All 4 had the same wonderful and successful outcome as me & Beautiful Breasts!

Today, I'm a more fulfilled woman with much more natural looking breasts. I look fantastic in dresses, shirts, bathing suits, you name it and it looks good on. Corinne isn't lying about her Husband when she says, He's a perfectionist with his work. I can't even see my scars anymore. I look amazing naked!!!

Thank you Dr. Corbin. You are the Breast Expert!! xoxo