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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Christine Bust: 34 DD
Waist: 27 Hips: 39
Height: 5'9 1/2 Weight: 150
Personal Goals: I majored in Communications/PR at Chapman University and am currently getting my feet wet in the entertainment industry. Finding my niche is an immediate goal. A long term goal of mine is to someday co-author a book with my best friend of 20+ years.
Pet Peeves: People who are determined to be miserable. There are so many things to be happy about. Being around negative energy is a major turn-off for me. I’d rather have someone blow cigarette smoke in my face!
Perfect day: My perfect day would include a yoga class, lunch near the beach, a massage and a long nap!
Personal Style: I mix it up between classic & trendy. I live in maxi dresses in the summer and leggings & boots in the winter. A great bag & a great pair of shoes can make any outfit fabulous!
Hobbies: Practicing Bikram Yoga, cooking, traveling and enjoying great wine with friends!
Inspiration: I get inspiration from everywhere. I’m blessed to have some amazing people in my life that inspire me daily.
Three Most Important Things to Me:
My friends/family
My happiness
My spirituality

I’ve wanted a breast augmentation for longer than I can remember. I started developing breasts pretty early on. Because I sprouted so quickly, I’ve always had stretch marks since I was about 11 years old. As an adult my weight has fluctuated so I’ve always felt like I had deflated breasts. (Forget the pencil test- I could stick the T.V. remote under there!) I don’t have any children so I didn’t think there were any excuses for me to have, National Geographic, boobs at 30. I was told by others, “they look fine”, but this was about me being comfortable in my own skin and I just wasn’t.

I confided in my Ex and told him how important this was to me. He said if I ever got a breast augmentation we were done! If somebody cares about you they support you and want you to feel your best. I had to do my breasts for myself. I didn’t want breasts for the extra attention or for any external influences. I did breast surgery because I wanted to feel complete. I have to look at myself in the mirror every day and I have to feel comfortable and look good for me. But I kept going back and forth between my desire for breasts and my fear of surgery.

I’ve seen breast enhancement surgeries on TV and they freak me out. I was afraid I’d wake up and feel like I “had an elephant on my chest”. I was so afraid of being in excruciating pain and have those scary drains.

When I came in and met Dr.Corbin and his staff they made me feel so at ease. I felt like I wasn’t totally freaked out about surgery anymore. I knew after meeting Dr. Corbin that he was the plastic surgeon for me (actually I knew before I even met him in person), but meeting with him totally confirmed it! I KNEW DR.CORBIN WOULD MAKE ME LOOK AMAZING!

He explained everything to me. Dr. Corbin also told me that breast implants would give me the fullness that I was lacking, but that implants don’t lift the breasts or prevent sagging. I was totally fine with this. The implants would accentuate what I already had. I appreciated the fact that there were no surprises with Dr. Corbin. He is very straight forward and honest so I knew exactly what to expect.

The day of my breast surgery, I was nervous, but my desire to feel complete outweighed my fears. I couldn’t believe how great I felt when I woke up. I had no drains or major pain. The surgery was a breeze! The most painful part was a sore throat from anesthesia.

I was able to take my bandage off the next day and I couldn’t stop staring at myself in the mirror. For the first time in my life I had AMAZING BREASTS! I couldn’t believe that my only bruise was one the size of a dime. I didn’t even need my pain medication a few days after surgery. I was able to drive just a few days later and resumed normal activities within a week.

My breasts feel so soft! I was afraid I’d have hard fake feeling breasts, but I don’t. I can’t even feel the breast implants.

I have had many positive changes in my life since my breast surgery and new opportunities are always presenting themselves. Dr. Corbin has changed my life! I really feel like I can conquer the world. That might sound lame, but it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you feel completely confident. I can’t believe that I used to have to look at Dr. Corbin’s website to see his amazing work. Now all I have to do is look in the mirror!