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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Crystal Star Bust: 36 C/D
Waist: 25 Hips: 36
Height: 5'2 Weight: 120
Personal Goals: My goals are to graduate with a good degree and to be successful in my career and life.
Pet Peeves: Slow drivers and people who think they know it all.
Perfect day: A day outside with beautiful weather, clear sky, perfect temp hiking in the mountains, running on the beach, harvesting herbs and flowers, sunbathing, playing with my daughter in waterfalls and rivers.
Personal Style: fun, friendly, caring, active down to earth and out going
Hobbies: singing, playing guitar and keyboard, going to concerts, movies and hanging out with friends
Three Most Important Things to Me:
1). Family
2). Boyfriend/Friends
3). Music

Breast Augmentation and Nose Testimonial:
Through out high school, I was insecure about two things, my small breasts and the big bump on my nose. Although my family and friends told me, “you look beautiful the way you are” Or “it’s not really noticeable” I still felt self conscious about my appearance.

I repeatedly asked my mom if I could have cosmetic surgery and I patiently waited. After High School graduation I went to college and I still continued to ask her about plastic surgery until she finally took me to Dr. Corbin for a consultation. Fortunately for me my mom knew many other people who went to Dr. Corbin and she trusted him. Unlike a lot of patients, I didn’t need to check out other doctors or go on other consultations. I was so lucky that I had a supportive family and friends who knew the best doctor for me.

When I first went in for my consultation, I felt very comfortable right away. Dee was very helpful and her confidence in Dr. Corbin along with my moms and friends made me trust him completely. Although I was a little nervous about someone looking at my breasts, Dr. Corbin was very professional about his work and upfront about the whole surgery process. He took time to explain to me the risks and the benefits of breast augmentation surgery.

Dr. Corbin looked at my nose and asked me what I wanted to change. He took a photo of me and then showed me on the computer what the changes would look like to my nose. Right away he knew what I wanted and how to fix it.

When I left his office I understood the surgery process completely, and was not afraid anymore. I couldn’t wait to see the new me after surgery.

Like the surgery, the healing process was quick and not painful. I didn’t cry or get sick, and I had no bruises on my face. Having these surgeries has really improved my life for the better. I am more confident in myself and I know I made the best choice choosing Dr. Corbin and amazing plastic surgeon. Thanks and god bless you for everything you’ve done Dr.& Mrs. Corbin.

Crystal Star