Breast Surgery Patient of the Month
Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Danielle Bust: 32 DD
Waist: 23 Hips: 33
Height: 4'11 Weight: 97
Personal Goals: To marry the love of my life Ivan, have a beautiful home and healthy family. I want to be successful in all that life has blessed me with. To graduate college and own my own practice as a child psychologist.
Pet Peeves: 1. People who are fake and can't be happy with themselves. 2. Slow drivers. 3. Five o'clock traffic. 4. A dirty house.
Personal Style: My personal style is casual yet sassy and sexy! I love a cute tight pair of hip huggers with strappy sandals.
Hobbies: 1. Spending time with my boyfriend and our friends
2. Curling up on the couch to watch a movie or read a good book.
3. Working out
4. Shopping of course!
Three Most Important Things to Me: I have 4 things that are most important to me.
1. My boyfriend
2. My parents
3. Our precious cat Piper
4. Love

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is very personal, but it is also life altering. Finding the best doctor is the key to everything and that search is definitely ended once a patient has met Dr. Corbin!

I first met Dr. Corbin on November 2, 2001 in his Beverly Hills office. He truly was the answer to my prayers. His knowledge and photos of work performed by his gifted and magical hands provide you with a feeling of security that is so amazing!

Words just can't describe the feeling I had after my consultation. You must experience it for yourself.

After my meeting with Dr. Corbin I knew Dr. Corbin was the one I would chose to do my breast augmentation. I set my surgery date and I was so excited that I kept a count down calendar. The day of my surgery I was extremely nervous, but I was excited and anxious about my new body. The nurses made me feel so comfortable. Corinne and Dee my life savers and listening ears to all my thousands of questions and concerns. You ladies are the greatest! Thank you!

I am so happy and I love my new breasts. I am able to wear whatever I want and I look and feel prettier. I would do the surgery with Dr. Corbin a million times more because he is the best! My boyfriend is so happy and pleased with the results, we just cannot thank you all enough! Most of all thank you for being a phenomenal doctor and coordinating staff. Thank you for aiding me in my newly found confidence and for opening new doors and a new path to many opportunities. I would never have dreamed all these good things could happen to me. This was one of the best decisions I could ever make. Dr. Corbin you are the greatest! I thank you for your magical touch.

Thanks, Sincerely, Danielle

P.S. Corinne, thank you for the amazing opportunity. You gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and put a smile on my face that will never fade.