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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Feliza Bust: 34 C/D
Waist: 23 Hips: 35
Height: 5'2 Weight: 108
Personal Goals: My goals are to get my PhD in Neuroscience, then become either a successful Neurosurgeon or Cosmetic surgeon.
Pet Peeves: Los Angeles traffic, inconvenience of good food at UCLA and lies.
Personal Style: Sexy and glamorous when I go out at night and super plain Jane during the day (because all I do is research).
Hobbies: Selling knives, anything athletic, shopping, reading, playing music and especially working out.
Three Most Important Things to Me:
1). School & being successful at it.
2). My business and its success.
3). My loved ones: Family, best friends, & my boyfriend.

Ever since high school I knew I had wanted a breast augmentation. It wasn’t until four years later; near the end of my senior year of college did I finally decide to go through with it. After months of meticulously looking at many surgeons’ backgrounds and former work, I finally decided on going with Dr. Corbin.

Dr. Corbin had the best recommendations hands down, and the most thorough and comprehensive website. I was impressed with Dr. Corbin’s work through the many pictures of his previous patients. No other surgeon has this many samples of their work available for prospective patients to see, and to me, this demonstrated his skill and love for his work. Because of the quality of Dr. Corbin’s work as well as the genuine kindness and caring of his staff I knew Dr. Corbin was the best choice.

Dr. Corbin’s staff, Corinne, Dee. And Merri Ann are all absolutely wonderful. I had never felt so at ease, especially with such a choice. Corinne and Dee explained everything to me and they were very attentive to my needs. Dr. Corbin was very thorough with the explanation of the surgical procedure, and because of all this during the consultation, I knew there was no need to consult with anyone else and I’ve never been happier with my results.

My breasts look absolutely amazaing!! Everyone tells me how natural and beautiful they look and feel. I was always a very confident person, but now I feel unstoppable. Finally, for the first time in my life, I’m happy with my body as a whole. My bigger breasts give me more shape and I love it! All my friends are so impressed because they look so natural it just seemed like I finally grew a chest.

When it comes down to it, skill and perfection is the only thing that matters. Dr. Corbin is the BEST!!! Thank you so much Dr. Corbin & staff!.