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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Gina Bust: 36 C
Waist: 27 Hips: 34
Height: 5' 9 Weight: 135
Personal Goals: To graduate college and pursue a career in Public relations, to have a healthy and happy marriage and family, and to see Italy.
Pet Peeves: People who thrive off of gossip, being stuck in traffic and customer service employees who know nothing about customer service.
Personal Style: Halter tops denim and sandals…to be stylish, but comfortable.
Hobbies: Working out, being crafty and creative, going to the beach, traveling when possible and going to concerts.
Three Most Important Things to Me: My education, family, friends and boyfriend are the most important aspects of my life. There is nothing greater than having the support of loved ones, and being there for the people you care about the most.

I had been back and forth about breast implants for over 3 years. I finally decided that it was definitely something I wanted to do .. not for attention, not for anybody else, but for me. At 5’9 and almost an A cup I simply did not feel proportionate.

After deciding I wanted to go through with breast surgery the crucial part of finding the right Doctor came in. Coincidentally, my aunt was also going to have the same surgery. My Aunt was going for the same results I was.. to look extremely natural. She consulted with over 6 other Doctors and she chose Dr. Corbin.

After I saw the beautiful results of her surgery and how well she recovered, I decided to go with Dr. Corbin too.

I have had no looking back! Dr. Corbin and his staff have been professional and personable, making a nerve wrecking experience a smooth and comfortable one. As far as the results of my surgery go I could not be happier! All I wanted was a pretty natural look for my height and that is what I got. If you didn’t know me before surgery, you would never know I had implants!

Shopping is a whole new experience for me now. I can actually wear anything I want to wear and I love it. Before I chose Dr. Corbin, I realized that the awful stories you hear about surgeries gone wrong are only results of women settling for the cheapest doctor they could find. That is not the way to go… Dr. Corbin is! He is the best and you will see that if you look at any of his work. Thank you Dr. Corbin, Corinne, Dee, and Surgical staff for making this a wonderful experience!

Sincerely, Gina