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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Jackie Bust: 34 D
Waist: 26 Hips: 35
Height: 5'7 1/2" Weight: 132
Personal Goals: To get my two daughters through college and live a fulfilling and rewarding life.
Pet Peeves: Slow drivers in the fast lane, unauthentic people
Personal Style: Feminine sporty casual
Hobbies: Biking, tennis, snowboarding, traveling
Three Most Important Things to Me:
1. My children
2. My boyfriend
3. Myself

A friend referred me to Dr. Corbin. After consulting with three other Doctors, all of whom suggested an unacceptable solution to my sagging breasts. The three other surgeons only offered the traditional,”anchor cut” procedure to lift my breasts and this would have left me with major scarring!

After crying all the way home, I contacted Dr. Corbin. At my consultation he explained the spair breast lift in great detail. I had the surgery and Dr. Corbin did a BEAUTIFUL JOB lifting my breasts and augmenting them.

I never used to like my breasts and after nursing two babies, a 20 lb weight loss and gravity taking over; it was time to do something. I work hard at the gym to maintain my weight and tone, but couldn’t do anything to correct the shape of my breasts.

I am thrilled with the results from Dr. Corbin’s surgery and I have received lots of compliments. I have referred four friends to Dr. Corbin and all are EXTREMLY HAPPY with their results as well.

Dr. Corbin is extremely confident in his abilities (with good reason!) and his confidence made me confident about surgery. Initially I was nervous about the surgery, but on the day of my procedure I realized I was in good hands. After surgery my recovery was a breeze.

Corinne and Dee and the entire staff are delightful. Their patience and kindness never dwindled, even with my many, many questions and concerns.

Thank you, Dr. Corbin, Corinne and Dee! I LOVE THE RESULTS!