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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Janee Bust: 32 C
Waist: 29 1/2 Hips: 36
Height: 5'5 Weight: 139
Personal Goals: Raise my two beautiful children, become a professional photographer and continue to travel the world.
Pet Peeves: Complainers, dishonesty, negative interpretations or assumptions, messy anything.
Perfect Day:Cold rainy day in the mountains or warm sunny day at the beach.
Personal Style: Comfy to dressy.
Hobbies: Being outdoors, traveling, photography, playing roller hockey, staying in shape.
Inspiration: My grandmother. She encourages me continually, accepts me always and loves me unconditionally. She inspires me to raise my children by example, so every day I’m strive to be a better woman, mother, friend, stranger …

Three Most Important Things to Me:
1. God, my creater
2. Family & Friends who keep me grounded
3. Fun … gotta make time for fun!


Testimonial Breast Augmentation:
I was always proud of being all natural. Stayed in shape, was active and tried to look my best. Unfortunately, I was always very flat chested and no matter what I did, I always felt insecure with how I looked with or without clothes on. Bathing suits and bras were always filled with padding and underwire, which were uncomfortable and awkward. To achieve the size that looked proportionate to the rest of my body, every day felt like I was putting on and taking off prosthetic breasts.

After having nursed two children, I saw potentially what my breasts could look like, if augmented. This began a long internal debate on whether or not breast implants were right for me. I started tons of research: silicone vs. saline, risks involved and asked the opinions of many women who already had them done. Over the course of about three years, I had three women who didn’t know each other, recommended Dr. Corbin.

On a whim, I decided to book a consultation to either go through with the surgery or finally get the idea out of my mind. Due to the coincidence of the three referrals, I had to go to Dr. Corbin, first. Dr. Corbin was very thorough, made me feel comfortable and allowed me to ask questions. Honestly, the office staff ultimately helped me decide to go with him. Every single person I came in contact with was beyond friendly, helpful and made me feel completely confident in my decision.

After the surgery, I told my hair stylist what I had done and without hesitation, I kid you not, she asked, “Was it with Dr. Corbin? I heard he was the best and I’ve even considered going to see him”. I can honestly say that I am most definitely a more confident, happier woman because of this one change to my body. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Corbin’s work and highly recommend him.