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Name: Juliana Bust: 32 C
Waist: 23 Hips: 32
Height: 5'5 Weight: 108
Personal Goals: : I want to travel all over the world experiencing new things whenever possible. I always want to make my parents proud of me and my accomplishments. I want to achieve as much as I possibly can in all aspects of my life.
Perfect day: A perfect day to me is everyday. Having people in my life that love laughing and experiencing new things whenever we can.
Personal Style: My personal style is pretty free. Any clothing that makes me free, pretty, comfortable and confident.
Hobbies: Ballroom dancing and movies
Inspiration: My family is my inspiration. They are the most hard working honorable and supportive people I have ever known. Everyday they are my inspiration.
The Most Important Things to Me:
God, my family and friends. Living life to the fullest, always remembering where I come from, and always being grateful and down to earth.


Before I came to see Dr. Corbin, I suffered with a complex of being a small breasted woman. Even my two younger sisters had larger breasts than I did. I had bad self esteem because I couldn’t wear dresses, swimsuits, lingerie or other beautiful clothes because I didn’t have any breasts to fill them in.

No matter what I wore I never felt that I had a woman’s body, let alone an attractive feminine shape. I researched breast enhancement surgery and found the breast expert Dr. Corbin. Finally after meeting with Dr. Corbin I felt like I had hope.

After my breast augmentation, I am so elated with the way my breasts look. I couldn’t have asked for a better plastic surgeon. I trusted Dr. Corbin and I knew with his experience and expertise he could help me achieve the results I’ve been looking for, for a long time.

My whole experience with Dr. Corbin and his office has been great. Thank you Dr. Corbin for helping me gain the confidence to feel like a woman and to believe in myself.

Thank You, Juliana