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Dr. Corbin is so incredible that after my augmentation surgery NO BODY could tell I had my breasts done (unless they knew me before—even then some of those people were dumbfounded when they found out I had breast implants).

For me my new breasts were perfect-just big enough, naturally shaped, soft and absolutely no scarring, and barley any recovery time. I went to class the next day post surgery (a bit head heavy, but do-able), and went clubbing the next night, much to Corinne’s more from this augmentation patient

I struggled with the idea of plastic surgery for years. I saw many surgeons and did a great deal of research. I wanted to be absolutely sure I had the best surgeon. It wasn’t until I met Dr.Frederic Corbin and his amazing office staff, that I knew I could go through with a breast augmentation.

Dr. Corbin, his experience, his concern for his patients and his reputation as a great surgeon are incredible. He and his office let me take my time and ask a million questions. I never felt rushed or pushed into having surgery. I felt like I was in the right hands. People who cared and wanted me to have the best surgery results more augmentation patient

Patient Testimonial (Breast Revision): Dr.Corbin undid the tragic surgery I had the misfortune to experience from another surgeon previously. I imagined my situation would noticeably improve with the breast revision surgery by Dr. Corbin, but never in a million years did I think I’d be staring in the mirror at what seems like perfection!

Dr. Frederic Corbin is a miracle worker, he fixed me! His attention to detail and expertise kept him in surgery with me until he felt his work was supreme. He takes all the time he needs with each patient’s surgery (which, believe it or not, is not a common trend in plastic surgery.) I have great appreciation for Dr. Corbin’s practice and experience. He is truly an expert and if you listen to him and take care of yourself after surgery you will be amazed at the results...more from this breast revision patient

Testimonial: I had been back and forth about breast implants for over 3 years. I finally decided that it was definitely something I wanted to do .. not for attention, not for anybody else, but for me. At 5’9 and almost an A cup I simply did not feel proportionate.

After deciding I wanted to go through with breast surgery the crucial part of finding the right Doctor came in. Coincidentally, my aunt was also going to have the same surgery. My Aunt was going for the same results I was.. to look extremely natural. She consulted with over 6 other Doctors and she chose Dr. Corbin.

After I saw the beautiful results of her surgery and how well she recovered, I decided to go with Dr. Corbin more from this breast patient