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My breast implant surgery was PERFECT! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I heard great things about Dr. Corbin and now I know they are all true. Before my breast surgery, I was a little nervous in the morning, but once I arrived at the surgery center, everyone at Dr. Corbin’s office put me at ease.

I am so confident in my own skin ( not to mention shopping is so much more fun now!!!) I would recommend Dr. Corbin to anyone. He is professional, honest and he cares about his more from this augmentation patient

How do I begin to describe this incurable feeling of happiness? I have a never-ending need to give thanks and show my unconditional appreciation to Dr. Corbin and his fantastic staff!. I sit back and try and imagine how different my life would be today had I chosen another PS or rather had not gone through with the breast Augmentation all. (A sad thought) more from this breast patient

Dr. Corbin is AMAZING AND SO PROFESSIONAL!! I felt very comfortable around him and I knew I could ask any questions. He educated me so much and as my plastic surgeon I felt like he was my father looking out for my best interests. When I first saw him and told him I wanted my scars in the breast crease he informed me of all my choices and recommended I not have a scar on or under my breasts. I am of Asian ethnicity and am always concerned about scarring so he showed me that he could make a very tiny incision in the crease of my underarms. I am so glad I listened to Dr. Corbin because my breasts look amazing and you can’t even see the scar in my armpit. He spent extra time to make sure I understood everything and to me this shows concern for his work and his patients.

I couldn’t be happier with my results. I always get compliments on how natural and beautiful my breasts are. Now I love showing them off in cute tops that I could never wear before. I recommend to everyone considering plastic surgery…Dr. more from this breast augmentation patient

Before meeting Dr. Corbin, I really didn’t love my body especially my breasts. I decided to get breast implants for my 21 st Birthday. I found Dr. Corbin on the internet and after doing much research I found that he was one of the best in L.A. Once I met Dr. Corbin I knew he was the Dr. for me, he was caring and explained everything step by step to more about this breast augmentation patient