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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Petie Bust: 36 C
Waist: 26 Hips: 34
Height: 5'7 Weight: 125
Personal Goals: To have my own catering business.
Pet Peeves: People that snap their gum.
Personal Style: Sporty, casual, beach girl.
Hobbies: Cooking, working out, lying in the sun (with sunscreen on of course), reading, and playing with my two cats.
Three Most Important Things to Me:
Expanding my knowledge of exercise and fitness,
and using that knowledge to help others better their lives.

I Like most women considering breast implant surgery, I visited many Doctors before meeting with Dr. Corbin. My initial feeling was one of ease. Walking into the office I was greeted with a smile. While I waited for Dr. Corbin, Dee, his assistant , took me into a room where we discussed the different implant types and sizes and I was able to see first hand which ones would look best on my body frame. Most of the doctors before had only shown me photos of how I would look, but none actually had the implants available so that I could try them on. Seeing how I would look with larger size breasts was very exciting. After meeting wit Dr. Corbin, I knew he was the surgeon I wanted to perform my surgery.

My biggest fear with getting implants was looking “fake”. We have all seen the breasts that look as hard as rocks and sit too high on the chest, and you can’t help but stare. I did not want that to be me. I work as a personal trainer and my goal of getting implants was to balance out my physique because the more muscular and in shape I got the less feminine I felt. Well, I have to say that I have the softest, most natural looking breast and I could not be happier with the results. Many people can’t believe that I have implants because my breasts look so soft and natural. Dr. Corbin’s surgery skills are amazing! I have no visible scars and my breasts are perfectly proportional to my body size. I am so absolutely amazed with the results and I am so grateful that I found Dr. Corbin. He is a very friendly, professional and skilled physician whom I would trust to perform any type of procedure.

Dr. Corbin and his assistants, Dee and Corinne are absolutely fabulous. They take such good care of you before and after your surgery, making the entire experience just perfect from start to finish. Thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!