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Name: Kerry Bust: 34 DD
Waist: 24 Hips: 36
Height: 5'5 Weight: 125
Personal Goals: I want to complete my B.A. degree in fashion merchandising. I want to continue to dance and perform on stage. I want to take various dance classes so I can become a mentor. I would like to do more modeling. I want to create my own fashion line and travel around the world.
Pet Peeves: Liars, selfish people, racism, littering, muffin tops, flakey people and someone who drives slow in the fast lane.
Personal Style: I keep up with the latest trends in fashion and hairstyles. I like to wear stylish and flirty blouses, tops, skirts and dresses, designer jeans and handbags, accessories, and platform high heels
Hobbies: I love to dance; I enjoy learning new techniques in ballet, jazz, modern dance and hip hop
Three Most Important Things to Me:
My son, parents, sisters and best friends
My faith in god and the perseverance in achieving my goals
Keeping a positive outlook through many difficult obstacles in my life

As I look back 10 years ago, I never thought I would have an amazing new body and breasts that I have today. My journey to accomplish this personal goal starts at the age of seventeen. I was faced with a new adventure in my life, I became a teen mom. After the pregnancy I gained over a major amount of weight. I had loose skin around the abdomen and saggy breasts. I thought I would never wear a Bikini again.

Everyday I looked in the mirror I cried because my body was not the way it was supposed to be at the age of seventeen. I wanted to model, I wanted to dance, but I knew I had to lose weight and get my body toned. I thought that losing the baby fat I gained during pregnancy and working out would improve the shape of my body, but after a year that didn’t solve the problem. It became obvious to me that plastic surgery was the only way for my body to return to a normal shape. I needed a breast lift and augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction.

For many years I saved my money to ensure that I could get multiple surgery procedures at once. I went to many plastic surgery consultations and found that many plastic surgeons only specialize in one area or certain areas of plastic surgery. I knew I wanted a surgeon that had the experience, knowledge and certifications to perform all the types of plastic surgery procedures.

I was so frustrated and sad that I couldn’t find a plastic surgeon that could do all my surgery procedures at one time. I truly thought it was hopeless until a friend told me about Dr. Corbin who did an excellent breast augmentation on her.

The day of my consultation I was pleased to know that Dr. Corbin could easily and safely do all my procedures at one time. I was also happy and comforted that Dr. Corbin has many years of experience education and excellent credentials. Dr.Corbin is a gifted surgeon who does all surgeries well not just one area.

At last my dreams of having a beautiful feminine body could come true. I booked my surgery and pre operative appointment. Before my surgery Priscilla was really helpful in assisting me to choose the breast implants that I wanted. She answered all my questions I had before my surgery procedures. I really appreciate her support and kindness. I was really nervous bout getting multiple surgeries done at once, but I knew that I was in good hands with Dr. Corbin. I knew with him safety, patient care and quality come first!

My recovery period went by fast and I healed quickly. The result of my breast augmentation surgery and breast lift is amazing! My natural breasts before surgery was a saggy 34 C and now I am a 34 DD. My breasts look so natural and beautiful. I look at my breasts everyday in the mirror and smile.

The outcome of my abdominoplasty procedure is a true work of art. Dr. Corbin sculpted my abdomen and gave me an hour glass shape I dreamed of. My abdomen no longer has loose skin or what I called my kangaroo pouch. I can finally wear a bikini and be confident showing off my new body. I look and feel like a new woman!

I also had liposuction done to get rid of fat in my inner thighs. No matter how much exercise I did the stubborn fat wouldn’t go away. I have a curvy new feminine shape and I am really happy with the outcome of all my combined surgeries with Dr. Corbin.

I personally want to thank you Dr. Corbin for transforming my body into a new beautiful creation. You have the eyes and hands of a very talented plastic surgeon. Everyday I look in the mirror and I am filled with joy and confidence. Dr. Corbin, you are truly the breast expert and plastic surgery expert. You do amazing cosmetic surgery procedures.

Thank you Dee, Pricilla, Alice, Merri Ann, and Ruth for being a wonderful medical staff. You all were helpful, kind and supportive through this incredible life changing journey.