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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Kristin Bust: 34 D
Waist: 24 Hips: 34
Height: 5'4 Weight: 110
Personal Goals: To run an 8 minute mile for 5 miles.
Perfect day: Sunshine
Pet Peeves: Dishonesty, people that leave their shoes on in the house, chewing while talking and unclean people.
Personal Style: sexy, fun, classy
Hobbies: Running, recycling,shopping,enjoying the company of my friends.
Inspiration: All the homeless drug addicts on the street and their struggles and highly educated people inspire me
Three Most Important Things to Me:
Self worth

Years ago I started my search to find a surgeon to do my breasts. I had done research to find my surgeon and I found one in Newport Beach. He was supposed to be,"The Best". He was board certified and I like his pictures of his other patients, they looked good. Well, five thousand dollars later and after an enormous amount of pain and discomfort I had my results. I was happy to have larger breasts, but they were not only larger, one breast was bigger than the other, my nipples were pointing in different directions and I had bad rippling that was like a small tide pool inside my breasts! It turned out that my first choice of plastic surgeons was wrong.

A year later a dear European friend of mine who had seen and touched many models, playmates and other women who were patients of Dr. Frederic Corbin's he recommended I get fixed by the breast expert. My friend is a total breast man. The breasts done by Dr. Corbin were works of a true genius, a modern day Divinci , sculptures like Michangelo could create or the skilled artists hand of Monet. This is Dr. Corbin, a true modern-day artist of plastic surgery!

My friend was a huge fan of Dr. Corbin's as he had seen the most beautiful women in the world and the finished product of Dr. Corbin's. I knew I could trust him.

I went in for a consultation and at the right moment my worries and insecurities eased after Dr. Corbin confidently explained to me what his surgery plan was to correct my last breast surgery from the other surgeon. I trusted Dr. Corbin to do his best. After my reconstructive breast surgery with Dr. Corbin I immediately loved my new breasts. Not only did he fix my lopsided breasts, but he repaired my self esteem and restored my beauty.

I healed perfectly. Years later I wanted to go larger and I knew there was only one plastic surgeon for me, Dr. Corbin. After the last surgery, I healed perfectly again and I LOVE MY BREASTS!!!!

My breasts are the best only because of Dr. Corbin's expertise and experience. I will recommend him to anyone getting plastic surgery. I always have men drooling over the way my breasts look and feel and women always want to know the name of my doctor after I tell them I have breast implants. That's another great thing; you can't even tell these are not my natural born breasts.

Thank you, Dr. Corbin