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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Leslie Bust: 34 C
Waist: 24 Hips: 34
Height: 5'5 Weight: 115
Personal Goals: To become a successful woman at a young age, savor every ounce of life during my single years, and then to one day leave it all behind to enjoy the wonderment of motherhood and the partnership of marriage.
Pet Peeves: Rude/inconsiderate people, bad drivers, people who chit chat during a movie
Personal Style: Comfortable, but always fashionable
Hobbies: Traveling, wining and dining with friends, sports (both participating and spectating) and reading.
Three Most Important Things to Me:
friends and

I currently reside in the city of Sacramento, California. I, along with two very close friends of mine, have always toyed with the idea of breast augmentations. The only reason why it was never a serious thought prior to the actual decision was because the breasts we were born with were actually fine for our body types... As long as they received some help from the latest technology at Victoria’s Secret. Think Pink Islander with a small B, a petite blonde with a fuller B cup and a tall hour glass Sicilian holding a natural C… all breast sizes expected for our frames. But it did not take long for us to grow tired of all the “Rigging” we had to do underneath all our stylish outfits we subjected ourselves to. Our main concerns about breast augmentation surgery were, of course, health related as well as wanting to stay proportioned to our individual bodies and for our breasts to look and feel as natural as possible.

After a lot of research and referrals Dr. Corbin’s work and name kept coming up. There were a lot of popular Beverly Hills surgeons , but of the ones we were interested in he was the only one who could put the implants in through which ever place is going to give his patient the prettiest breasts (Under the arm, through the nipple, through the belly button or in the breast crease. He also operates every day; thus we did not wait a year or two to get an appointment. Also because he performs surgeries every day means he has a lot of experience. After all he has been doing plastic surgery for over 20 years. We checked out his website, read the model bios and gazed at all the before and after photos of patients with similar measurements and body types to ours so we could get some basic idea of breast implant size. It was obvious to me and my two girlfriends that Dr. Corbin had more than a talent, he had a gift. There were even photos of patients who unfortunately had deformed breasts or breasts removed because of cancer and Dr. Corbin erased any evidence of it and reconstructed them beautifully. It was quite humbling for us and we knew that if we decided to move forward with breast surgery, a surgeon who was a passionate about his craft would be the one we would be most comfortable with. Others important factors to us were that Dr. Corbin’s academic qualifications. He is a board certified plastic surgeon, and not just an M.D.doing cosmetic surgery and calling himself a, “Cosmetic surgeon”. We were also impressed with the fact that even after being in business for 20 years he still takes time to do charity surgeries around the world.

Even though Dr. Corbin is amazing we still had a lot of questions. Although going, “under the knife “has become so common these days, it isn’t so easily deliberated like purchasing a pair of,” must have shoes” can be. We decided to make an appointment for a breast augmentation consultation with Dr. Corbin at his Beverly Hills office. We all fly down together to have our individual lingering questions answered. Dr. Corbin and his staff met with us individually to make sure our decisions would be unbiased or influenced by each other. The consultation was so informative and educational! We were able to feel the difference between Silicone and saline breast implants and also to try them on to see what different size CC’s would look like with what we all ready had for breast tissue. Dr. Corbin also informed us on the different incisions that could be done. He even recommended what would work best for what we were trying to accomplish with the type of breasts we already were blessed with. When we were done with the day the only decision we had made in common was the decision to go for it! The cc’s, the incision and the type of implants were all different to give us each the best breasts! That day I paid my deposit and set my surgery date.

Recovery was less than glamorous, but nothing I wasn’t prepared for. I really don’t know of too many plastic surgeons that provide vitamins and other prescriptions to prep your body before surgery and to help after surgery.

The end result should be important to anybody and with us all three of us got what we signed up for beautiful breasts. Breast augmentation was a serious decision for us and finding the best plastic surgeon was more of a priority than cutting corners on the price. It is amazing how we all laugh about it now and wonder why we waited so long to be totally happy with our bodies and breasts. The amount of money we have dropped on all the water bras, gel bras, etc we could have probably financed the breast surgery years ago…. And now we aren’t falsely advertising!

I just want to thank Dr. Corbin and his staff on their professionalism as well as helping make this decision and going through the process an easy one. I am a big fan of all of you. The breasts I now carry are anything, but fake looking. they feel great. The ease and comfort in getting dressed or trying on clothing is unmatched and I couldn’t be happier. Sayonara to all those uncomfortable and bulky contraptions underneath my blouses…the options are now limitless.

Sincerely, Leslie.