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Name: Liliana Bust: 34 C
Waist: 26 Hips: 36
Height: 5'7 Weight: 125
Personal Goals: To enjoy my life everyday and appreciate it in every way!
Perfect Day: : I wake up and run along the ocean, meet friends, enjoy a good Mediterranean meal, shop for shoes, have a game of soccer! Perfect day.
Pet Peeves: Liars
Personal Style: Sexy, sporty, simple and country cute.
Hobbies: Soccer, shoes, soccer, shoes….
Inspiration: My family
Three Most Important Things to Me:
Family is sooo important. People come and go, but family will always be there like it or not.
Spirituality. I am a very spiritual person
Positive energy. Always being positive.

Hi my name is Liliana. For about a year I had been contemplating getting my breasts enlarged. I was a 34 A and I always wore padded bras. My biggest fear with breast implants is that they would look FAKE! I was so scared that they would look like round hard implants and not like natural breasts.

I researched the dangers and consequences on breast implants and what I found to be the most important factor is the surgeon. My girlfriend had her boobs done by Dr. Frederic Corbin. When she showed me her breast job, they looked so natural, soft and perfectly proportioned. She told me she thought Dr. Corbin was the best breast surgeon.

I called his office and booked an appointment as soon as I could get in. When I went to see him I was so welcomed at his office. All the girls, Ruth, Mary Ann, Alice, Dee and Marilyn were so sweet. At the other doctors offices I went to the girls were so fake and I felt like they just wanted a sale from me. I did not feel a genuine connection with them at all. Dr. Corbin’s staff are such caring, helpful, genuine people I immediately connected with them. I mean that from the heart!

I think I came in six times to resize my breast implants. I was so nervous I might be going too big. The girls always took their time with me and encouraged me to ask as many questions and come back anytime. Even right before surgery I think I called a dozen times and asked silly little questions that were important to me. Dr. Corbin’s and his staff were so understanding and made me feel very comfortable. They were always there for me and answered all my concerns and questions.

After surgery, I would even call on the weekend. I would always receive a call back to reassure me. Dr. Corbin’s nurse Marilyn is so incredible. Patient, loving, professional, caring, compassionate….

Dr. Corbin is very honest! He was right to the point and very knowledgeable about breast surgery. When I asked him questions on my breast implant size he was exact and honest. This made me respect him and his experience even more. Originally, I was going to go with really small implants to look natural. After speaking with the breast expert Dr. Corbin I understood I could go with a larger implant and still look natural. I wanted my boobs to be proportionate with the rest of my body. His recommendation to go with a 36 C was PERFECT! I did and I love them!!!!! My boobies look so natural, soft and hot in and out of clothes.