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Breast Surgery Patient

Breast cancer patient

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Name: Lisa Bust: 36 C
Waist: 24 Hips: 36
Height: 5'6 Weight: 128
Personal Goals: Continual self–reflection and improvement. To finish my book (seriously) Get the word out to young women to get their mammograms now, push it, do it now whether you are 20, 60 or 100! Continue to design hip scarves, clothes, lingerie and jewelry for cancer patients (hey just because someone is sick doesn’t mean they can’t look good and be hip) .
Perfect Day: Having the Doctors tell me,” We have found a cure for Breast Cancer.”
Pet Peeves: Bad shopping carts ( you know when the wheels are all messed up with hair and junk wrapped around them and they won’t steer properly) Waking up in the morning, groggily walking down the stairs to the kitchen to get ready for that first lovely sip of coffee to realize I’m all out!! Not a bean in sight. Shame.
Personal Style: Depends on my mood. I like vintage pieces mixed in with a little cutting edge the 40’s peek-a-boo shoes and high heel Mary Jane's, torn up jeans, T shirts.
Hobbies: Organic gardening, cooking lush meals, raising chickens and one turkey, painting with mixed media, flying jet airplanes, going to Africa, oh the list is endless….. (By the way I don’t fly jets and I haven’t been to Africa, but they are on my to dream list)
Inspiration: Maya Angelou. She walked through her own fire, and came out alive.
Three Most Important Things to Me:
My Children
My Husband
My Ohana

When I was asked if I would like to be ,"patient of the month" I was pretty speechless, that is until I jumped up and down on the couch thrusting my fists in the air!!! These women are so beautiful, young and perfect! Wow! I thought why would they pick me? I am a mother, a wife, a breast cancer survivor. I've had breast cancer! I am not a model or aspiring professional model, and I'm not an actress….. I am Lisa a breast cancer survivor and regular girl who just wants to feel feminine again. I wanted to feel, "complete" again.

I lost my breast. The loss of a breast is an extremely difficult experience for a woman to go through. Mind, Body and spirit do not go unscathed.

In March of 2005, I was diagnosed with Stage III invasive breast cancer. It spread to two of my lymph nodes. I didn't detect the lump because it was laying behind my old breast implants I had for 10 years. My breasts also had capsular contracture and were hard. (I had my first breast surgery with the old breast implants done by another plastic surgeon) In addition to having old breast implants, capsular contracture, I was breast feeding my baby. These factors contributed in my own lack of detection.

Earlier in the month, my right breast implant deflated. No Big Deal, I thought, I'll just get new ones! I went in and the doctor found the lump on the opposite side, my left breast. In fact he found three lumps. And these lumps you can't have with coffee honey. On March 25th before replacing my implants he biopsied the tumors. They all came back malignant. Couldn't they have just been benign? When I woke up from surgery, I could see my husband sitting next to my bed. He had his head down, tears in his eyes. "It was cancer?" I asked in disbelief. He slowly shook his head, yes. God Bless Him. It was so hard on him. I think I cried in my family's arms for weeks. I kept thinking, if this spread and I die, I worried would my children remember me? They are so young, I don't know.

Shock can create a certain fogginess in the mind. Perhaps it's something in the fog that gives us the strength to get back up off the ground and fight! A self defense of sorts. Fight, fight, fight and win! Maybe I won for a few years, maybe for a lifetime. Let's just hope. This is really all we can do until we find a cure.

On April 12th, 2005 my femininity was taken from me. I had a mastectomy on my left breast and went through 3 months of chemotherapy. My hair was gone. My sense of self was forever altered. I was bald. My breast was gone. Is this happening to me? This world is something I hear about on the news or read about in a magazine or papers, this wasn't my world. But it was. It really was. How many times have we all heard about these stories? How many times have we all thought, "thank God it's not me? Well this time it was me. Normally, I hate clichés, but it's true, what doesn't kill us does make us stronger.

I stayed strong and went to the next stage. I did tons and tons of research on the Internet. I read all that I could to educate myself on breast reconstruction. Finally one day I found, "The Breast Expert", Dr. Corbin. Hmmmmm, does he work miracles? Because let me tell you I needed one! Several months earlier, another plastic surgeon placed a tissue expander where my old breast used to be. I thought how is this ever going to look good or normal again. I was emotionally and physically scared and very nervous when I walked in the waiting room of Dr. Frederic Corbin, but not for long. The office was warm and inviting, there were candles burning, beautiful art on the walls and friendly faces to greet me. I felt at home and at ease. I noticed al l the photos of beautiful women other patients of his. At first I was a little intimidated. Could I get those results? Could I look beautiful and feminine?

When I finally met Dr. Corbin he was extremely thorough and detailed in explaining what my best possible options were. Dr. C carefully explained step by step how he was going to make a new breast for me. And he did. Very, very well I might add. Dr. Corbin put new silicone implants in on both sides matching my breasts perfectly! He did such a beautiful job. Dr. Corbin works miracles! I believe the results were so great because he took his time, re-arranging his schedule so that he could get it just right. It took him almost all day. I'm not aware of many plastic surgeons who would do that. This speaks volumes about him, doesn't it?

I walked through the fire, the smoke and the darkness, and I came out on the other side. Dr. Corbin with his healing hands helped me jump over the last of those burning coals. He made me beautiful. He really did, in the end, maybe that is why they chose me to be patient of the month. I walked in quite a mess and Dr. Corbin put me back together again, and did it beautifully. I am extremely honored to be a patient of Dr. Corbin's and one of his Patients of the month.

Thank you Dr. Corbin, my miracle worker, my healer, you made me feel alive again, beautiful again and most of all like a woman again. And a very special thanks to my girls in the office (They are amazing aren't they?) Beautiful inside and out, I love you girls! And lastly, thank you my strong supportive husband who never let go of my hand, shielding me from as much flame as he could down the path of breast cancer hell we walked through together. I love you Darren Anthony, my love, my soul mate, my forever man.