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Name: Luzelle Waist: 22
Bust: 32D Hips: 32
Height: 5'4 Weight: 105
Personal Goals: To finish my degree in nursing and to live life to the fullest. To always love, laugh and live well.
Pet Peeves: Loud, obnoxious people drive me nuts!
Perfect day: Sleeping in, going to Pilates class, having breakfast and coffee with Dana, going to the beach with Dana and Kona, making a nice quiet dinner at home. Enjoying a mellow day with my honey and dog.
Personal Style: Classy Chic. I can wear a twenty dollar dress with a great pair of Christian Louboutins!
Hobbies: Working out, reading, surfing, taking naps, looking for exciting new things.
Inspiration: My mama and papa
Three Most Important Things to Me:


Patient Testimonial Breast augmentation revision:
My experience with Dr. Corbin has been nothing short of a miracle! After having two previous surgeries with my old plastic surgeon, I truly thought my breasts were never going to look the way I wanted them to look.

After my past 2 disappointing breast surgeries, I decided that I wasn’t going to just let any surgeon, especially my old surgeon, lay another finger on me. I was older, more mature and experienced since my first breast enhancement surgeries.

This time I was going to do the research and ask a lot of questions. After seeing several plastic surgeons, I found Dr. Corbin. He was the most straight forward and informative doctor I had seen. He really cared and took his time answering all of my questions, something a lot of the other surgeons didn’t take the time to do. Because of Dr. Corbin’s education, experience and expertise I decided to have corrective breast surgery with him. He has done thousands and thousands of plastic surgery procedures! I truly felt that he could fix me and make my breasts beautiful.

Since my breast surgery with Dr. Corbin, my breasts are soft and symmetrical. I finally have the breasts that I’ve always wanted! My recovery was a breeze, and my breasts looked perfect from day one! My surgery results from Dr. Corbin far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Corbin is one of the highest rated plastic surgeons in the world and his work really speaks for itself. He is not just a plastic surgeon, but an artist in his field. I send out a huge thank you to Dr. Frederic Corbin and his wonderful staff for making my breast redo surgery one of the BEST DECISIONS I’ve ever made. A real investment in me and my self confidence as a woman. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!