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Dr. Corbin Rocks! My life has changed so much since Dr. Corbin has performed surgery on me. I check out 12 Doctors before deciding on Dr. Corbin. I have been so grateful for the magical hands that are attached to Dr. Corbin. He is truly an artist. After I got my augmentation, I felt like I was wearing a brand new outfit everyday of my life. Having the breast enlargement has opened up a whole new world to me that involves self confidence and an acting and modeling career. I have been in many Playboy issues and many centerfolds because of my beautiful breasts. I am acting in movies and shooting with the most amazing photographers in the world. more

I was referred to Dr. Corbin by friends who are his patients. For years I went back and forth on whether I should have surgery or not. Finally, after a lot of thought, I decided it was a decision I knew I wanted to do for only myself. The experience, so far has been wonderful. It was not painful at all, in fact, within a day or two I felt ready to take on the world! I was always secure and confident, but surgery enhanced these qualities even more. I love how clothes fit and look on me more now than ever. The staff was wonderful and Dr. Corbin was amazing! more

I've thought about implants for years. I already had a c cup breast, but they were a bit small compared to my full hips. I've been really self-conscious about my figure since puberty. The hips and butt run in my family, so all I needed were some fuller, bigger breasts for a perfect figure.

I consulted with over 20 doctors over the years until I saw Dr. Corbin's patient's pictures on the internet. His results were perfect for me. At my consultation I was comfortable and he addressed all my concerns immediately. He also noticed my physical concerns and I had to point them out to other doctors. more

Breast Augmentation Testimonial:
I researched many plastic surgeons before deciding Dr. Corbin was the best surgeon for me. He and his staff were more than willing to answer any and all of my questions. Dr. Corbin made me feel comfortable that I was doing my research and choosing the correct surgery method for myself.

I could not be happier with my breast surgery results! I get asked all the time if my breasts are real because they look natural and they have NO SCARS on them. more