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Name: Megz Bust: Pre/Post Baby - 34D/DD, During Engorgement - 36EE
Waist: 24 Hips: 36
Height: 5'6 Weight: Pre-baby - 115 lbs, With Baby - 140 lbs
Personal Goals: To be great mother just like MY mom!... Teach my daughter Japanese and hopefully.. her dad lol, become a renowned Tattoo Artist or Japanese Translator.... and maybe even finish my cd and sing in Japan (^ - ^)
Perfect day: When Hubby has the day off: Start the morning with a "Lover's Breakfast" (Glass of wine and Toast), play with Baby Rain.... then Lego Star Wars on the PS2 with Hubby, and if time.... manage to create a new artistic piece.
Pet Peeves: Bad Drivers, Morning (Evening) Sickness, Bathroom trips every 15 minutes, Abusive People, Injustice.
Personal Style: Hip Hugger Jeans, Itty Bitty tank tops (Empire waist shirts & Maternity Jeans while Preggo!), Constantly changing the color of my Hair, and all of my Ink out for the world to see!
Hobbies: Martial Arts, World Travel, Japanese Language, Art, Tattoo Art, Singing at the Studio, Japanese Karaoke, Wine, Photography, Animals, Space.
Inspiration: My mother. She has overcome many obstacles throughout her own life, and still managed to raise and love 4 (VERY DIFFERENT) girls! She has stuck by me through thick and thin. When I suffered heavy depression as a teen, she was always there even though I tried to push her away. Now, as an adult, and as a mother myself.. I strive to be a loving, caring, and supportive as she has always been. Having her tell me that she’s proud of what I have become makes each day that much brighter. I love you so much mom!
Three Most Important Things to Me:
-Family & Friends! (Hubby, Daughter, Mom, and our two families combined!)
-Learning and Discovering (through books, art, travel, love and life!)
-Being Creative (as an artist, its what keeps your mind in constant motion... always creating, always expressing)

Let me tell you a little about my experiences during pregnancy and how they affected my life, and my BREASTS lol.
My husband and I are the most PROUD parents on the planet! Baby Rain has changed our lives so much, and when he and I thought we could not love ANY more than we already did, she came into our life.

From day one of my pregnancy, my husband was always VERY supportive of all the *delights* of being pregnant.... from the Morning (Evening) sickness that usually lasted a good 5 hours a day, to the mood swings, crying at every little stupid thing, and even my insecurity with the weight gain.

Funny enough, it was the dramatic changes with my body that fascinated him, and in itself, made me more attractive to him. He would compliment my belly, and talk to it (her) all the time.. even before I even began to show.... always telling me how beautiful I was, and how motherhood made me even more gorgeous in his eyes.

I actually got many compliments on my belly once it grew... oddly enough, from complete strangers!

My breasts, though, made MANY more changes throughout the pregnancy than even my abdomen did! From about week 5 to week 12, my breasts swelled about half a cup size. Now mind you, I had breast augmentation prior, and had been extremely happy with my 450cc silicone implants that brought my breast size to a content 34D.

My breast size then fluctuated between 34D to 36DD over the next few months.. then seemed to stop. I thought that was it. I constantly showed this to my hubby in amusement, and more to MY delight than his lol.

After Rain was born, my mom said to start wearing nipple pads in case I began to leak. I hadn’t quite gotten much colustrum from the get-go, so I wasn’t too sure if my milk would even come in. I had spent time with a lactation consultant, who constantly attempted to get Rain to breastfeed in the hospital before we came home.

She always seemed to be hungry in the times I attempted breastfeeding, so I eventually gave up, and switched her to the bottle. A few days later, we stayed the night at my mother's house so we could relax a bit (with the eager grandparents on stand-by in the next room lol). I'd say on the 3rd day, I ENGORGED!!!! It was INSANE how huge my breasts got. The way we measured, they grew to a 36EE overnight. (Seriously.... PORN STAR HUGE!) MY GOODNESS did they HURT!!! I came into the bedroom and flashed my hubby, "Look!" lol. His response was a startled, "Good GOD". We both had a good laugh about it.. but of course, being as swollen as they were, he was only allowed to LOOK, not PLAY. After half the day went by, with no luck in breast feeding, but still leaking, I went out and purchased a manual breast pump.

WHAT A GODSEND! I spent about an hour on both breasts when I got home, and the relief was incredible! Though, it was not meant to last. On my next few attempts to pump, even with an expensive electronic pump we received as a gift, I was not producing. I tried so hard to pump over many hours, that I eventually began to faint constantly.

We decided that taking care of Rain was my number one priority, which I could not do if I was exhausted and fainting. So from then on, we kept her on formula. Nonetheless, she’s a very happy, healthy, and eager-to-learn 4 month old!

I do not blame my implants for my "lack of lactation". I was able to pump at one point, so I know that my mammary glands weren’t damaged by the augmentation. It was mainly my own body, as I had heard also that some women in my family suffered this same problem whom had NOT had augmentation.

All I know is, though it was rough at times, pregnancy was one of the most awesome experiences of my life! And though Dr. Corbin had given me the dreamy breasts I had always wanted many years prior, even that can change. I'm looking forward to finishing having children, and come back in a few years to get those 36EE from him for good! Dr. Corbin is amazing. I would recommend him to any woman needing a ,”Mommy makeover” . Tee hee.

Laugh, Love, Live!