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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Melissa Bust: 35
Waist: 24 Hips: 36
Height: 5'6 Weight: 120
Personal Goals: As of right now, I would just like to graduate with my degree in business finance.
Perfect day: Any day that I am surrounded by family and friends.
Pet Peeves: Ignorant people and bad windshield wipers.
Personal Style: Classy, but still sexy
Hobbies: Running, cooking, and learning and experiencing new things.
Inspiration: My mother. She is my rock and I love her
Three Most Important Things to Me: Family, health, faith

My total experience with Dr. Corbin has been a sincere pleasure. His staff has always welcomed each patient I know with caring smiles and a willingness to help in any way possible. Everyone at Dr. Corbin's office truly has a gift of putting a nervous patient at ease.

My desire for breast enlargement started a few years ago when I realized that I wasn't developing as much as I‘d like to in the breast area. I was extremely athletic, healthy, and skinny. Downfall being, I didn't have a lot of fat to spare for breasts and it wasn't like I had the genetic makeup for amazing full breasts either. I was extremely self conscious of my cup size and I refused to walk out of the house without a padded push up bra on at all times! Beaches for me when I had no breasts were a nightmare! I loved the rest of my body because I was toned and fit, but I could never hide my lack of breast size in any bikini, padded or not. I was so insecure within my own skin. I never felt pretty enough or proportioned enough regardless of however many people complimented me. This is when I decided to seriously started looking into a Breast Augmentation.

As desperately as I wanted boobs immediately, I was not about to make a rash decision and regret it later. I had never undergone any type of surgery, severe injury, been hospitalized or even been stung by a bee, If you can only imagine how scared I was to think I was choosing to go under the knife! I spent two years researching everything there was to know about a breast augmentation. I also asked other women who had already gone through breast implant surgery for their opinions and own personal experiences. I even went as far as flying between my home in Hawaii to California (the land of boob jobs) to meet with various plastic surgeons.

This is when I came across Dr. Corbin and his staff. His name kept coming up and then I stumbled across his website while researching the credentials of various surgeons and also to see who was the best plastic surgeon in Orange County. To my surprise, I finally found one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States, and one of the best in the world! Dr. Corbin had everything I was looking for and researching; the credentials, educational background, board certified with the American board of plastic surgery, and most importantly the years of experience that surpassed any other surgeon I had met with previously. It didn't stop there. Dr. Corbin had testimonial after testimonial from Patients of his from all over the world, who just glowed about how he changed their lives for the better. The more I read and researched, the more comfortable I became with the thought of breast surgery.

I had gone on other surgery consultations and it never felt right to me. When I went in to Dr. Corbin's office for a consultation, he and his staff were so helpful and they were able to answer any questions or concerns I had. The staff even shared with me their own personal experiences with Dr.Corbin. I immediately know I had found the right surgeon and the right place for me to have my breast surgery. It was one of those decisions when everything just felt right. Within a month of my consultation with Dr. Corbin I started making plans for my breast augmentation.

It has been about a year since my breast surgery and I have never been so happy with my body. It's amazing to feel sexy and desired and also to like what you see in the mirror. I not only feel sexy I also feel more feminine. I am confident, but now I have more self confidence than I could ever wish for.

I truly believe that I am blessed with more than I ever expected or asked for. I never realized how the other insecurities were impacting my life until, with the help of Dr. Corbin, I was able to grow and move forward into the future with confidence. Even after my surgery, my relationship with Dr. Corbin's office continued. His staff continued to call and check up on me in Hawaii and make sure I was happy and everything went smoothly even months after I had my breasts done.

Choosing to have a breast augmentation was one important decision, but choosing to have Dr. Corbin as my plastic surgeon was the best decisions of my entire life. I owe him and his staff all the respect, thanks and gratitude.

Thank You.