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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Robin Bust: 36 D
  Hips: 35
Height: 5'8 Weight: 132
Personal Goals: To continue improving myself in both mind and body.
Pet Peeves: People who interrupt when someone is talking.
Personal Style: Comfortable and easy going.
Hobbies: I love working out and I also love quilting.
Three Most Important Things to Me:
My husband, who supports, understands and shares my goals in life.
My friends who don’t mind when I volunteer their talents.
Taking care of my health and well being.

After spending many years taking care of my parents and letting myself go, I decided it was time for me! I started working out with a personal trainer, eating the right foods and paying more attention to myself and my appearance. In 9 months I lost 30 pounds and dropped 17% body fat. Wow, I now have incredible energy and a very positive attitude about myself and my body. The only part of my appearance that I was not happy with was my Breasts and face. The weight loss turned my 36 C breasts into 36AA breasts. It was after my weight loss I thought about a breast augmentation.

My husband who is very supportive of me and my new look researched breast surgery for many months. We visited many plastic surgeons websites, called surgeons offices, and booked consultations. I narrowed my search to three board certified plastic surgeons. I made three different appointments for consultations and counted the days, and months before my consultations. My first consultation was with Dr. Corbin. Dr. Corbin was warm and caring and he answered all my questions and concerns about the surgery I wanted. Because of my weight loss my face also lost fat and I had droopy looking skin which aged me. I felt I looked tired and sad which is not how I felt. After I met Dr. Corbin I also decided to have a face lift along with my breast augmentation.

I scheduled my surgery right after my consultation and I canceled my other appointments; I knew Dr. Corbin was the best plastic surgeon for me. Dee, Dr. Corbin’s patient advisor, helped me chose the right size breast implant for me. She let me try different sizes of breast implants until I found one that I loved the way it looked with the rest of my body proportions. Dee also shared experiences about other patients who had more than one surgery at a time. Having my facelift and breast augmentation done at the same time was the way to go! One anesthesia and one recovery period. To be honest, my breast augmentation and facelift surgeries were a very easy recovery for me. Sure my face and breasts swelled, but after 6 days I went in to see Dr. Corbin, he removed my stitches and then I went shopping!

I feel that a part of my easy recovery was due to the vitamins and specific post operative instructions given to me from Dr. Corbin’s’ staff. His nurses are also very helpful and caring. I am so happy with the outcome of both surgeries as I have a youthful and natural look to both my face and breasts.

My breasts look incredible! They are very natural feeling and the perfect size breast implants for me. When I see people who haven’t seen me in a while they always comment on how great I look. They are amazed when I tell them I had a breast augmentation and facelift… that when theirs jaws drop!

I can’t thank Dr. Corbin, and his staff for their professionalism and their genuine concern for my safety and well being. Plastic surgery can be a scary experience, but my whole experience with Dr. Corbin has been wonderful and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!! Oh by the way I am 54 years old. I am now a personal trainer helping others to look their best. I enjoy helping others like Dr. Corbin who helps people see their true potential. He is not a salesman, just a caring, talented plastic surgeon making people look their best.