Breast Surgery Patient of the Month
Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Susan Bust: 34 D
Waist: 26 Hips: 32
Height: 5'10 Weight: 135
Personal Goals: My personal goals are to be the best woman, wife, and mother possible; to create a positive atmosphere and outlook for myself and anyone I interact with. And always remain open-minded, courageous, and confident toward any of the limitless endeavors I may take in the future.
Pet Peeves: My Pet peeves are drivers that don’t use their turn signals; individuals that don’t’ live by the golden rule, and the increasing lack of common human courtesy and manners.
Personal Style: My personal style is best described as happy- go- lucky, fun, colorful, comfortable and feminine.
Hobbies: My hobbies include spending time with family and friends, acting, astrology, yoga and swimming.

Three Most Important Things to Me:
1. My husband, daughter and loved ones.
2. My feelings, faith and spirituality
3. Making a positive difference in my lifetime