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Breast Surgery Patient

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Name: Tiffini Bust: 34
Waist: 26 Hips: 36
Height: 5'3 Weight: 105
Personal Goals: 1. To be the best person I can be and to hold myself to a higher standard
2. To own my own animal shelter where all animals could have a permanent place to live if not adopted out.
Perfect day: Sleeping in, playing with my three yorkies, a great lunch, watching the sunset on a clear night.
Pet Peeves: Smokers, rude people, "Know it alls", pretentious people
Personal Style: Classic suits for work, weekends is jeans & cute tops, for evenings just a bit sexier, but always classy. Always heels …no flats.
Hobbies: Playing with my 3 dogs
Inspiration: My father. Tony Robbins.
Three Most Important Things to Me:
1. Family
2. My 3 dogs
3. Being true to myself

I have always wanted larger breasts. Ever since high school, I always wanted to feel sexier. Well, for my 40th birthday present to myself I got breast implants. Over a year and a half ago I set up three consultations with plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Dr. Corbin was the second consultation and after seeing him, I knew he was the Doctor I wanted to perform my surgery. I did keep my third consultation and after seeing that surgeon I still knew without a doubt Dr Corbin was the only surgeon for me. Plus Dr. Corbin was the only doctor who told me to get a mammogram before he would perform my breast surgery. I even asked the 3rd plastic surgeon if I needed to get a mammogram before my breast augmentation and he said, "NO". I thought that was odd.

Following Dr. Corbin's instructions I got my very firsts digital mammogram and a spot was detected on my left breast! After an ultrasound I was told it was probably just a lymph node, but I could get a biopsy or wait and get a repeat mammogram in 6 months. I decided to wait for the 6 months and get the spot rechecked in 6 months.

During this time I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head like what if I have cancer? I also kept thinking if I had gone to one of the other 2 doctors and never got a mammogram, and god forbid it was something terrible, I would have never known and by the time it was ever detected, it might have been too late. Dr. Corbin is very cautious and thorough in his approach to his patients and doing what is in their best interest. I am very grateful for Dr. Corbin's concern for me.

After my 6 month repeat mammogram the spot was still there, but it was determined it was a lymph node. I was extremely relieved. Once I got this diagnosis and I knew it wasn't breast cancer, I was ready to move forward and schedule my surgery.

I went to Dr. Corbin's Brea office and I must say his office staff is the friendliest and gracious staff I have ever experienced. I was a little nervous and I could not decide between to different breast implant sizes. After numerous discussions with Merri Ann (thank you Merri Ann for your patience) and an extra trip to Dr. Corbin's office just to look and try the implants on again, I finally made my decision as I was walking into the operating room. Dr. Corbin had both sizes available for me so I could choose the size that would make me happy.

Thanks to the nurses Marilyn and Valerie my nerves were calmed. I knew I was in the best care being operated on by Dr. Corbin and my results would be fantastic. And they are! My results are incredible.

Nobody can tell I had my breasts done. They are so natural looking, and soft, my friends who have all had their breasts done can't believe how good my breast implants look. They all want to get theirs re done by Dr. Corbin.

I would recommend Dr. Corbin to anyone. He is absolutely the best! He truly cares for his patients. After my surgery I feel better about myself. If anyone is contemplating getting plastic surgery or breast surgery, I would say make sure you are doing it for the right reasons, and know that by choosing Dr. Corbin you are choosing the best.

Thank you Dr. Corbin!