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To Celebrate the New Year, 2007, we decided to feature four different types of breast surgery patients of Dr. Corbin's for the patients of the month section. The four surgery patients featured are an inspirational breast cancer patient and her breast reconstructive surgery, a model who is a redo breast surgery patient, a young patient whose breast reduction surgery changed her life totally and a weight loss patient in her 50's who proves women can look and feel sexy at any age!

Breast augmentation, Breast lift, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, breast revision surgery can be a very positive and life altering experience for a woman. If you are considering improving the appearance of your breasts educate yourself on what the best options are for you. Select a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who is experienced in all aspects of breast surgery. Happy New Year from all of us at Dr. Corbin's office, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

1. The breast expert's first featured patient is a brave young mother of two toddlers and she is a happily married Breast cancer patient. Lisa has been very frank, and honest in sharing her emotional rollercoaster battling the potential deadly disease of breast cancer. We are very proud to help reconstruct women like Lisa who are left devastated after the loss of one or both of their breasts. Lisa is such an inspiration to many other women who reached out to Dr. Corbin for reconstructive help after they read her story. Lisa and Dr. Corbin's efforts continue to help educate women on the importance of breast health as well as dealing with the physical and emotional scars breast cancer can leave behind.
"Lisa says," I walked through the fire, the smoke and the darkness of breast cancer and I came out on the other side. Dr. Corbin with his healing hands helped me jump over the last of those burning coals. Dr. Corbin made me beautiful. He did a beautiful reconstructive surgery using new silicone implants on both sides and matching them perfectly. Dr. Corbin works miracles. I believe the results of my breast reconstruction are so great because he re- arranged his schedule and took his time so he could get it just right. It took him almost all day. I am not aware of many plastic surgeons who would do this. That speaks volumes about him doesn't it?"

2. The breast expert's second featured patient is a professional model whose breasts changed after giving birth to her son. As Danielle writes in her testimonial she was a breast redo. "Dr. Corbin's the man!! I first came to Dr. Corbin with big, saggy titties!! They were basically very ugly! He agreed and we proceeded forward with surgery. He removed my ugly hanging breast implants first. I had to be without my implants for about 4 months. I was flat chested and hated it.

This whole breast augmentation surgery has been a breeze. I have to say I love the new size and shape of my breasts. After giving birth to my son I never thought my titties would look as great as they do. Dr. Corbin also gave me a lift and my scars are very unnoticeable just around the nipples. If there is one thing I learned in this whole process it is that breast implants do not lift breasts!"

3. The breast experts third featured patient is a young woman whose life and body image changed after Dr. Corbin performed a circum vertical minimal scar breast reduction on her. "I want to thank my Aunt Pauline for referring me to Dr. Corbin. His work is EXQUISITE. It's amazing how different I look and Feel. I definitely feel more confident about myself. I also want to thank Dr. Corbin's staff. They have been nothing but kind and generous to me and very helpful!!

The reasons why I got a breast reduction were: Most of my shirts were too small, my bras were starting to fall apart and my shoulders and upper back were always aching. This was one of the biggest decisions I've had to make in my life, and I'm so glad I went through with the Spair surgery.

4. The breast experts forth featured patient is a woman in her 50s who wanted to improve her body image after she lost weight. "After spending many years taking care of my parents and letting myself go, I decided it was time for me! I started working out with a personal trainer, eating the right foods and paying more attention to myself and my appearance. In 9 months I lost 30 pounds and dropped 17% body fat. Wow, I now have incredible energy and a very positive attitude about myself and my body. The only part of my appearance that I was not happy with was my Breasts and face. The weight loss turned my 36 C breasts into 36AA breasts. It was after my weight loss I thought about a breast augmentation.

My breasts look incredible! They are very natural feeling and the perfect size breast implants for me. When I see people who haven't seen me in a while they always comment on how great I look. They are amazed when I tell them I had a breast augmentation and facelift… that when theirs jaws drop!

I can't thank Dr. Corbin, and his staff for their professionalism and their genuine concern for my safety and well being. Plastic surgery can be a scary experience, but my whole experience with Dr. Corbin has been wonderful and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!! Oh by the way I am 54 years old. I am now a personal trainer helping others to look their best. I enjoy helping others like Dr. Corbin who helps people see their true potential. He is not a salesman, just a caring, talented plastic surgeon making people look their best."