Happy Healing

Cosmetic Surgery is not just about surgery. You must be proactive, both by being prepared up front, and helping the healing process along after the procedure is done.

Pre-op preparation starts with common sense and a bit of pampering. A few basic pre-surgery rules are: no smoking, no tanning the operative area, no taking aspirin, no sudden diets, no drinking alcohol 72 hours before, and no recreational drugs.

A few positive things that can be done before surgery are: eating meals packed with healthy nutrients, taking the herb arnica for bruising and swelling, drinking or eating pineapple. Pineapple contains Bromelain, which aids in healing the bruising and swelling.

In addition to vitamins and herbs, a regular exercise program is also a great idea because exercise may reduce some of the stress before surgery and also keep you healthy.

Planning ahead is always recommended so that you do not feel additional pressure before your surgery.

Pre Surgery Check List

1. Bloodwork and or EKG if required

2. Finances

3. Childcare

4. Work Schedule

5. A ride to and from the surgery center

6. A responsible person to look after you for the first 24 hours

7. Getting post operative garments

8. Meal planning

9. Getting prescribed pain medication

10.Facelift patients need to dye their hair as close to their surgery date as possible because they will not be able to dye it for a while following surgery

11.Familiarize yourself with your post operative instruction sheet provided by Dr. Corbin's office. Stress should be avoided because it works against the natural healing process.