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Herbal supplements that can interfere with your surgery

You might not think to tell Dr. Corbin about the herbal supplements you're taking, such as the Ephedra you take to diet or the Ginger you take to increase your energy, but before and after plastic surgery it is very important to avoid certain herbs and vitamins which may cause problems.

Some herbal supplements can affect the surgical success of your procedure, just as some conventional medicines can like aspirin, Birth control pills etc. Inform Dr. Corbin and his staff 2 to 3 weeks before you have surgery what vitamin, herbal or diet supplements you are taking in order to avoid problems with wound healing, bleeding or anesthesia.

Dr. Corbin may request you to stop taking some herbs, vitamins or diet drugs well before surgery to make sure they are out of your system.

Here is a list of some common herbs and how they can interfere with your surgery. Be sure to be completely honest with Dr. Corbin about what you are taking so he and his medical team can provide you with the best medical care possible. There are other vitamins, herbal diet pills, and herbs that may not be on this list so make sure to inform Dr. Corbin about everything you are taking prior to your surgery date.

Danshen May cause bleeding
Dong quai May cause bleeding
Echinacea May interfere with the immune system
Ephedra May cause abnormal heartbeat - May cause extreme high blood pressure and coma if mixed with anesthesia and or certain antidepressant medication
Feverfew May cause bleeding
Garlic May cause bleeding and or may interfere with normal blood clotting
Ginger May cause bleeding
Ginkgo May cause bleeding
Ginseng May cause rapid heartbeat, May cause high blood pressure, May cause bleeding
Goldenseal May cause high blood pressure or make already high blood pressure worse
Kava May enhance sedative effects of anesthesia
Licorice May increase patients blood pressure
Senna May cause an electrolyte imbalance
St. John's wort May increase or decrease the effects of some drugs used during and after surgery
Valerian May interfere with anesthesia

Text approved by Board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Payne

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