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Breast surgery in Los Angeles, California

For a specialist in Spair breast lift surgery in the Los Angeles California area, look to board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Frederick Corbin.

Dr. Corbin has been performing Spair breast lift surgery in the Los Angeles area for over 20 years. Recognized as an expert in plastic surgery, Dr. Frederic Corbin is a board certified plastic surgeon with the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

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Dr. Corbin practices the following breast surgery procedures:

  • Breast augmentation or enlargement - Many women today would like to enhance the size and shape of their breasts. Breast augmentation or enlargement is a procedure to make the breasts larger, fuller and more youthful looking.
  • Spair breast lift surgery - This procedure makes it possible for women to have more youthful looking breasts. A breast lift can raise, reshape and resculpt the breast, creating a more flattering look.
  • Breast reduction - This is a procedure to reduce the size of large breasts and create smaller more youthful appearing breasts. Many women who undergo breast reduction do so for physical relief as well as cosmetic improvement.
  • Breast reconstruction - This set of procedures is done to restore the breast following its removal during a mastectomy. This is one of the most rewarding surgical procedures available today, since it enables surgeons to create a breast that closely resembles a natural breast.

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For more information about Spair breast lift surgery or other cosmetic procedures, contact Dr. Corbin or his staff at either of his Los Angeles area offices:

Beverly Hills Office
9400 Brighton Way, Penthouse Suite
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: (310) 284-8384

Brea Office
380 West Central Avenue, Suite 310
Brea, CA 92821
Phone: (714) 671-3033

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