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Dr. Corbin's patient Alanah

"Improving the appearance of your breast and your self esteem"

I was referred to Dr. Corbin through my cousin. She is also a patient of Dr. Corbin’s and was very pleased with her surgery results and had a great experience with his office so he came highly recommended. Two years ago I had a consultation and had decided to proceed with my surgery. I felt totally comfortable with Dr. Corbin and his staff. Dee and Corinne were so helpful. They always answered all my questions and eased my worries. I was a couple of days away from my pre op when I found out I was pregnant. I had two sons already and wasn’t expecting to have any more children. I was so surprised! Dee so understood, she reassured me everything was going to work out for the best and they would be there for me when I was ready to resume.

I waited until my daughter was 9 months old before I was ready to go back to Dr. Corbin’s office to finish what I started. Dee was there and welcomed me back.Everything went so smoothly and just fell into place. I was so happy with my results. Most importantly, my breasts look and feel so natural and soft. This was one of my main concerns. Dr. Corbin did an amazing job! He has an eye for beauty and magical hands! He saw things about my breasts I didn’t even notice and corrected them with surgery. I am very impressed with my results. Having three kids and breastfed all of them for months each had really changed my appearance, but now my breasts look wonderful and I feel so much better about myself.

I never hesitate when someone asks me who my surgeon was. I want more women to feel the way I do about their results and experience. Thank you Dr. Corbin.

P.S. To Dee, Corinne, Meredith and Marilyn, My heartfelt gratitude to you guys for being so supportive, helpful and comforting when I had questions and concerns.


Dear Dr. Corbin,                                                                     2/1/01

I wanted to send you this letter because it is very important for me to let you know how extremely happy I am with my results. When I first came to you for a consultation, I was very skeptical, afraid and not sure if I ever wanted to have this procedure done again. I consulted several plastic surgeons before I saw you, a few of them wanted to remove my implants and re-implant me on the same day, others didn't seem very enthusiastic about repairing somebody else's mistakes. As you already know I had too many complications at the time; a ruptured implant, deformities from bad results (from previous surgeries, etc), my case was not an easy one. From the very first day I met you and after listening to everything you had to say, I just knew that I wanted "you" to do this procedure. You were so different than all the doctors I had previously consulted and the way you spoke and explained everything to me "made a lot of sense". I liked the fact that you are "straightforward" and say things in a way that don't sound like "false promises" I had ENOUGH of that in the past! Doctors that assured me that everything was going to be "perfect" hiding the facts, promising that I was going to be free of complications, and this and that! But the moment I came back with problems such as ripples, capsular contracture, infection, etc. they didn't want to see or hear what I had to say!

You are a very intelligent, skilled, and experienced plastic surgeon and you portray that in the way you talk and communicate with your patients, I realized that the day I met you. You told me exactly what would happen if I didn't do what you were suggesting me to do. There was no way of achieving good results by implanting me right away. I needed to be without implants for a while.

You did "incredible work" explaning my old saline, repairing the pockets and fixing that dent under the axilla area, I was amazed how good my breasts looked after the removal. My sister and my husband couldn't believe that you were able to repair so many mistakes and leave my natural breasts in such a beautiful condition after all the trauma they have been through with "3" previous breast augmentations.

Almost 4 months went by since you removed my implants and finally came the day for you to do my breast augmentation. I can't begin to describe the change you have made in my life, it has been only 6 days since my surgery (BA), but my breasts look better than they ever did. You have put a smile on my face that will last for many years, I feel confident again. I don't have to hide my breasts anymore like I did for 7 years. You are an amazing plastic surgeon, I'm so glad that I choose "you" to do this procedure. I just knew that I would have results like this!

When I first walked into your office I was welcomed by the nicest people. Once I sat down and started to look at your before/after albums, I was in awe to see the amazing, natural results you are able to give to your patients. I had a feeling then that I was at the right place, you don't know how much I've prayed prior to all of this, I wanted to find someone like you to do my breasts again and I will always be thankful to God and you for giving me this result, I couldn't be happier!!! I'm just wishing that you have no plans to retire in the near future, because that would be devastatingfor me, really!!!

I feel so blessed to have found such professionals this time around. Your wife is the nicest person, so caring and always making sure that everything is going fine. Mamey is GREAT! (Like I said before, I couldn't have asked for a better RN to take care of me,) she's very caring, affectionate and she really makes you feel at ease, the same with Becky, Wow! I feel so lucky Dr. Corbin, please don't even think of retiring, I'm serious! That would be so sad! I don't think I would ever find such great people like all of you. You truly make a great team!

I will highly recommend you to any woman that wants great results the first time around, Gosh! Where were you 10 years ago? After all I went through in the past somehow I learned something good from it all. It is important to research and find a good plastic surgeon, someone like you, knowledgeable and with all those years of experience. I've met so many girls online that had procedures done by you and they are as happy as I am with their results, and that makes me even more grateful to you. Thank you once again for giving me such beautiful results, not only once, but twice. I will definitely come to you again for any other procedure I might need in the next few years. You are definitely the "Best"!

Love you all!

PS Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement you sent me!!! Wow!!! You are simply the BEST, all of you!!!

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