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Dear Dr. Corbin, Corinne, Alice, Becky, Mamey, and Robin:

I wanted to write to all of you to say "Thank you". You have made me feel so comfortable and welcome since day one and have never made me feel like just a patient with a number. I am very happy with my results and Dr. Corbin, you do great work!

You are all so wonderful and a great team!

Take care, and I will see you soon!


Dear Dr. Corbin,

I just wanted to write you this note to "THANK YOU" with all my heart for my "BEAUTIFUL" new breasts. You will "NEVER UNDERSTAND" the difference you have made in my life, not only physically but also emotionally. For 7 years I had to live with the deformities done to my breasts. After my bad experience with breast augmentation I became very skeptical and insecure about having this procedure done again. I consulted several plastic surgeons before choosing you. I knew from the moment I spoke to you that day, (my 1st consultation,) you were going to be the one. I felt reassured that you could correct the mistake made by the previous surgeon, everything you said that day made sense to me and I could tell just by talking to you that you are an extremely skillful plastic surgeon, I just regret not having met you before.

I liked the manner in which you handled my particular case, not too many doctors like to deal with other people's mistakes, "but you" were willing to repair my breasts and give me better results and that's something "I WILL NEVER FORGET". From the very first time I called your office for a consultation, I was attended by the most friendly, helpful and "caring staff". Once I walked in your office and saw the before/after pictures of your work I was impressed by the quality of your work, YOU ARE TRULY AN ARTIST!!!

I have to say Thank You again for the miracle you've done to my breasts. I wanted to cry with joy when you removed the foam pads and showed me the results today, I just couldn't believe what I was seeing!!!

YOU ARE DEFINITELY A GENIOUS! ABSOLUTELY THE "BEST" (as MAMEY told me when I first me you,) I can't get over my boobs; it's like a dream come true, Dr. Corbin! I KNOW that my case was "UNIQUE" and I will always appreciate all the GOOD ADVICE, SUGGESTIONS and CHOICES you gave me, I know it was necessary to undo the poor work of the previous plastic surgeon in order to do your RIGHT, but it was worth the wait, it was worth having you as my doctor and this is the BEST MONEY SPENT!!! THANK GOD DR. CORBIN, YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

Thank you Corinne, Mamey, Becky, and all the staff members at Doctor Corbin's office!


Dear Dr. Corbin and Staff,

All of my life I had to buy bras and swim suits that did not fit me right. I could never really fill out a size "A" cup bra and needed the "Miracle Bra" to do miracles. Alas they never occurred. So-called friends and family would tease me about my breast size! I decided early on in life that I was going to change what God could not provide. I first invested in the so-called "herbal" way to increase your breast size. Thank God for the money back guarantee! I then decided that surgery was the only way to go in order to get the results I wanted.

I went to two different surgeons and decided on Dr. Corbin. His staff was friendly, informative and extremely helpful. Even though Dr. Corbin was a very busy man, he took the time to answer my questions. ( I even got a little smile out of him.) It was decided that my life would change on January 4th, 2001, in which Dr. Corbin would perform breast augmentation surgery on me. The surgery lasted about an hour and I was in recovery for another hour. I can remember everyone saying goodbye and how great I looked. The first two days were probably the most uncomfortable. I was so happy to remove the compression bandage, shower, and wear a decent sports bra! Mamey had called several times to check on me. When I was finally able to walk down the stairs, three days later, I was ecstatic because a home cooked country breakfast was waiting for me! I was out of work for a week and with each passing day I felt better. It has been over two months and I feel great! I am now back in the gym working out with weights (no chest yet) and doing some cardio. I should be able to start running again March 1st.

If someone asked me if I would do this again, I would say "HELL YES!" and I would not have any other doctor. The work he did is incredible! I get numerous compliments on how natural they look and how well proportioned they are. My husband was not sure on the procedure and stated that he like me just the way I was, but he knew this was something I always wanted and supported me. Well, he is very impressed and now considers himself a "boob" man! Thank you again for your dedication to your patients and your "commitment to excellence"!

Sincerely (a very satisfied patient),

Andrea Talbott

Hello, my name is Meg.

I'm 19 years old, and its been a little over five weeks since I had my surgery.

I wanted to say thanks to you for your wonderful website!! I made many decisions after looking through your page the past few months. I found the right size, and even found my PS as well, (Dr. Frederic Corbin of Brea California, you're awesome!!) and I think having my BA was the greatest thing I could have ever done for myself.

I've ALWAYS been so self conscience of how I look, since my breasts were so small (small B on a good day with a slightly padded bra). My fiancee always told me how beautiful I was and large breasts didn't matter to him, but every time I saw a girl with large breasts, I became insanely jealous and felt intimidated by seeing big boobs on the TV. I always thought large, round breasts were beautiful and artistic and I just had to have them. I found Dr. Corbin through Nicole's (thank you thank you Nicole!!) website.

I looked through his credentials and his testimonials as well as photos. He seemed to be the right doctor for me, as well as the closest to my city. I had been researching Breast enlargement surgery for about a year beforehand and towards the end of my search I pretty much knew EVERYTHING I wanted done.

My consultation was a blast! I tried on the different sizes. I was finally able to see what I looked like with the breasts I'd always wanted. We came to decisions on my size at 400cc's Mentor Round/Smooth, procedure, risks, etc. and picked a date!

Day 1 - I had my surgery on Dec 13th (one week from my 19th b-day on XMAS day ;) at 7:30 am. We actually arrived earlier than the doctor did, but I was so excited I made sure my fiancee got me there ON TIME. I had never had surgery before, so obviously I was very nervous. The doctor's wife was also his assistant and she was always so wonderful to me during all my pre-op appointments. I left my fiancee in the waiting room and the nurse took me to one of the back rooms to put on an apron and hair net and wait for the doctor to come in and get me ready. He came in and drew on my chest and took a few before pics of my breasts. He then left and the anesthesiologist came in and asked me a few questions about my health and told me about what he was there for. He was awesome. The nurse came in and told me it was time and I gave my fiancee a kiss goodbye and went to the operating room. They led me in and laid me down on the table in a T position. I was so terrified of needles, I began to remember that they had to put the IV in soon. I kind of hyperventilated so the anesthesiologist gave me laughing gas. I wasn't sure when he'd take it away, and I knew I would fall asleep eventually if I had enough (my old dentist used to give menitrous too), so I made sure to take in as much as I could until they told me to calm my breathing down, the next thing I knew I was out and awoke pretty drowsy. The nurse kept telling me to keep my eyes open. They had already dressed and wrapped me before I had awakened so she placed me in a wheelchair and wheeled me out to my fiancee in the waiting room. I remember being taken out to the car, being strapped in and sleeping a little on the way home. It was only a five to ten minute drive to my house, but I do remember the bumps on the way. My fiancee managed to get me to the front door, but I began to dry-heave in the bushes before I went in. I had nothing in my stomach but anesthetic. It tasted horrible. He got me to my throne (couch) and I only slept a few hours before the pain kicked in. My god, I had no idea how bad the first day would be. I was only allowed to take half of my pain killers every few hours, because they said it would be too powerful for my weight. I was never hungry, but I wasn't allowed to take the medicine without eating something first. I had a little bit of soup and bread that first week. I was scared I would gain weight. My fiancee was nice enough to sleep on the couch next to mine the first week, so that made it a little more tolerable to me. I thought it was very sweet that he hand fed me too. I was pretty hilarious having soup dribble down my chin every few spoonfuls. I never really thought much about when women said they needed help getting up to go to the bathroom. But believe me, YOU DO. A friend of mine stayed with me while my fiancee went to work the entire week. So I always had help when I needed it.

Day 2 - I was able to get up and walk around by the second day. All of my closest friends called to see how I was doing, I guess they were also fascinated too, one because I had surgery, and two because it was for my boobs. I still wasn't able to use my arms at all, but walking was definitely a good thing. The pain was still pretty bad that day. It wasn't so much inside my chest that hurt, it was the Tight wrap I had on over my surgical bra. The nurse was supposed to call me on the morning of the second day, but I couldn't bear the wrap and I called a little early that day. I just had to know when was I allowed to take it off. She told me that I was allowed to that day. You would not believe the sense of relief I felt hearing her say that. My fiancee and I decided not to actually look at my breasts for a few days just to keep it exciting. When I took my wrap off, I could see my breasts popping out of my surgical bra. They sure do mean it when they say "they start out up to your chin". I still couldn't really do anything else, like use a can opener for soup or raise my arms above my waist... I needed help still getting up from the couch and pulling my pants up after going to the bathroom. I'd have to say the pain was pretty bad the first two days. It felt weird NEEDING the pain medicine every few hours, but I felt at that time that I'd just die without it.

Days 3-5 I had a very hard time sleeping the first week, considering I HATE sleeping on my back, nonetheless in a TOTALLY inclined position. I had to sleep sitting straight up the first week. Oh, I was finally able to shower on the 3rd day, that was one of the greatest feelings, after feeling icky for three days prior. I couldn't lift my arms,so I lowered my head to shampoo. Also, this was the first time I got to see my boobs without the bra on, I almost died! They were PERFECT!!! Everything I could have ever hoped for them, was there. They were round, firm,gorgeous!! I remember my fiancee's first reaction, "they're too big!" which made me all the happier. One thing that got in the way of my recovery was the fact that one of my college professors had finals during the fastest time possible and I had to go back to school 6 days after my surgery. My boobs weren't noticeable due to the fact that I would put the wrap back on over my surgical bra when I went out in public. I took my test and went back home, to sleep. Week 2 went by without any problems. The most pain I had was easily taken care of with the pain killers, and the bruising was going away fairly fast. I hadn't taken the tape off my stitches, I just let it come off on its own. I was careful not to let the shower water hit my nipples too much. These past few weeks have been going great. I did some shopping, not on bras really (I only bought one) but more on shirts that I knew I could never wear before. The swelling is completely gone, and though my breasts are smaller than they were the first week, I still love them at their 34C/32D size, and would do it all over again if I had to! One other thing that makes me smile inside is the fact that I did this in the winter time. By summer, I'll be ready for those itty bitty bikini's that were never able to flatter me before ;) Thank you so much Nicole!!! Your site's the best!

Very VERY Happy...

September 10, 2001

Hi, my name is Julie Reed. I want to tell you my story about breast reduction surgery.

For years I have wanted to have my breasts reduced in size and weight. The women in my family all have large breasts. At 5 tall and a 36 DD, I felt uncomfortable, awkward, and unsightly. I have what is commonly referred to as large pendulous breasts, have ruts in my shoulders and experienced aches and pains in my shoulders.

I like to be an active participant in life. My activities include step-aerobics, yoga, kayaking, and gardening. My breasts were in the way. Two things my mother said, I've learned to live with it and if I were younger I would do it. These statements propelled me to make the decision to have the surgery.

Through a series of referrals I came to Dr. Corbin's office. The minute I walked through the door, I felt I was in the right place. The staff is knowledgeable, efficient, and will do what they can to accommodate your needs.

Dr. Corbin's surgery is different than most plastic surgeons that use the traditional anchor cut. Dr. Corbin makes his incision around the areola and then makes another spar incision downward. This type of surgery leaves less visible scarring.

It was also explained to me that in addition to having my breasts reduced, they would also be lifted. I was shown pictures of women who had had their breasts reduced by other surgeons, yet they still were left hanging.

The surgery is done on-site in Dr. Corbin's certified surgical center, which takes approximately 4 hours. You can go home the same day with a loved one to take care of you.

I have experienced little pain and it has been close to two weeks now. I do not feel awkward or uncomfortable anymore. I feel sexy and vital. Co-workers have told me that they immediately noticed a change in my posture. I stand a little bit taller!

I can't say enough about how well Dr. Corbin and his staff have treated me and how pleased I am with the results.

Mrs. Julie Reed

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