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Dr. Corbin's patient Alanah

"Improving the appearance of your breast and your self esteem"

September 16, 2002

To: Dr Frederic Corbin,

All my life I felt as if I was carrying the load for two people, my breasts being size 38 DD and me being 4"11. My shoulders and back ached continually. I knew that a breast reduction surgery would help, but I had no idea just how much it would help.

Since having surgery in December, 2001, I am pain free and have no discomfort resulting from the spair surgery. It has been a blessing and a very large relief to be free of pain, have minimal scarring and as an additional bonus, to be able to wear blouses, sweaters and dresses that I don't have to buy too large in order to accommodate the size of my breasts.

My outlook on life had changed and everything around me has changed, actually improved since now I feel like the person that I always thought I was.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did. I love my new look.

Sincerely, Tomasita T.

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