The Breast Expert

Dr. Corbin's patient Alanah

"Improving the appearance of your breast and your self esteem"

November 20, 2007

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I eventually met a great guy who loved me the way I was. I remember finding Playboy Magazine under his bed and feeling very jealous of the beautiful shapely models who graced the pages.

 After a couple years in this steady relationship I confided in Allen that I was insecure about my breast size and I was thinking about enlarging my bosom. He acted horrified! He already was a jealous and possessive man and he totally discouraged me from enlarging my breast size. Eventually his infidelity ended that relationship after 5 years.

I was a young single attractive, fit woman. At first dating was awkward, but eventually I became more comfortable with my body. I started modeling and my small breasts and skinny body was actually an asset. Great!
It wasn’t until I met Todd in the late 80’s that I decided to actually get breast implants. We dated for over a year. When I discussed the topic of breast enhancement with him I was surprised by how supportive he was. It was easy to share my intimate feeling and insecurities about my small boobies with him.

My aunt and cousin were the only people I knew who ever had plastic surgery. They both had their noses done. I called my aunt and asked her for the name of her cosmetic surgeon. I was living in a small city with a limited number of cosmetic surgeons so there wasn’t much of a choice. This was also pre internet where there is such a wealth of surgery information.  With the name and telephone number for my aunt’s plastic surgeon I called his office to book my first appointment to find out the details of breast enlargement.

I was so nervous calling for the first time. I was surprised to find out that it would take 6 months to get an appointment to see the plastic surgeon. I asked to be put on a patient cancellation list and eventually was called after 3 months. I was so excited!

After meeting the surgeon, feeling the silicone breast implants and discussing the surgery I was ready to finally have the breast enlargement surgery I had been dreaming of since a teen. My boyfriend Todd was very supportive and took time off work to drive me to my breast augmentation surgery and to take care of me.

I remember waking up from my first boob job and being in a lot of pain! It felt like there was an elephant sitting on my chest. I knew it was going to hurt I just wasn’t prepared for the amount of pain. After the first day the pain subsided gradually and I felt brave enough to look at myself in the mirror wearing my surgical bra. My first thoughts were,”Oh my god these breast implants are heavy!” My second thoughts were I can’t believe these are my breasts. They were the perfect C cup.

Now in my early 20s I finally had the boobs I always dreamed of. Eight years passed and after enjoying a C cup bra I decided to enlarge my breast size to a D cup. I went back to the same surgeon and he gave me a cheaper price and he put 500 CC silicone gel implants in through the same incisions under the breasts. Because my first surgery went well I assumed that the second one would go just as well. Boy was I wrong! For whatever reason, I ended up with a horrible double bubble in my left breast. All I wanted was to enlarge my breasts with bigger implants. The surgeon assured me before surgery that it was easier the second time around. What happened!

I remember the first time I looked at my larger breasts I was horrified. The left breast did not even look good in a bra. It was higher and so deformed looking. I called the surgeons office and he assured me things would change over time. In my heart knew the appearance of my left breast would not get better with time. When I went in for my first and second follow up appointments the plastic surgeon lied to me both times and continued to tell me that I looked good. I knew my breasts did not look good!

After 3 months of depression and not physically revealing myself to my boyfriend I shared my story with a model I met. She showed me her perfect breasts done by Dr. Corbin. She gave me his office number and advised me to go in and see him because he was, ”The breast expert” and if anyone could help fix my botched surgery Dr. Corbin could.

After a couple months I went to my first appointment with Dr. Corbin. I was greeted with such genuine kindness from his staff. I immediately felt a comfortable confidence. One of his girls Alice reassured me that he sees breast revision patients from all over the world. She also showed me photos of some of the hundreds of women Dr. Corbin worked on. After pouring through the amazing photos including many other botched boob jobs I felt like maybe the breast expert could help me.

I was so embarrassed by the way my left breast looked that I wouldn’t show anyone my breasts. Even my boyfriend. I was extremely nervous about meeting Dr. Corbin because my friends used to refer to him as The Breast Expert and The bomb! I was sure that he had seen a mess like mine before, but I was still self conscious to expose myself and my deformed breasts to The Breast Expert!

I remember sitting there in a cloth medical gown in anticipation of what the breast expert had to say. I worried that he wouldn’t be able to fix me and I would have to live with a breast deformity forever. Finally after every scenario played over and over in my head, Dr. Corbin came in to the exam room. He was so professional. I felt very intimidated at first. When he asked to examine me and see what my concerns were I removed the gown and showed him the double bubble. !  I hadn’t shown anyone my ugly scars and deformed breast left behind by the other plastic surgeon. When Dr. Corbin first saw my breast he didn’t say anything and he just shook his head. I almost started crying! He then asked to review my previous medical records and photos from the other surgeon. All I had were before photos for him to see.

I thought oh my god maybe he hasn’t seen anyone so bad before. Then Dr. Corbin said what I was dreaming about hearing, “I have corrected many breast deformities like this in the past. Your problem is not an easy one to correct, but I am confident that I can improve the appearance of your breasts.” I was told to get my operative report from my other surgeon’s office so Dr. Corbin could review it before my reconstructive surgery with him.

I left Dr. Corbin’s office with a new sense of hope. It may sound so vain to be so concerned about the appearance of my breasts, but they are a big part of my feminineity. Also being in the modeling business I relied on my overall appearance to earn a living.

I had the first of 2 reconstructive surgeries with Dr. Corbin. After my last surgery I was so grateful for Dr. Corbin’s expertise, experience and surgical skill. When I look at where I started and where he got me after his revision surgery I couldn’t be happier. I just wish I had Dr. C do my first breast surgery so I wouldn’t have big scars in my breast crease.

Over 10 years has passed since that experience and over those years I have referred family, friends and acquaintances to Dr. Corbin and they too all have been happy with his work. He is a very gifted plastic surgeon, not only in breast surgery, but all areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery.  The thing I love most about Dr. Corbin is that you can totally trust him. He will not try and sell you on a bunch of plastic surgery procedures. He has turned me away when I wanted Lipo. He said,” you don’t need lipo, just diet and exercise.” He also refused to do my friends nose telling her that she would not benefit from having it done she had a nice nose. I told her that before she even went to see Dr. C, but she had to hear it for herself. She never had her nose done, but she had other procedures done by Dr. Corbin. My girlfriend is now very famous and known worldwide for her beauty and she never did do her nose.  

I am not modeling anymore, but I still take care of my appearance. I am happily married I recently had another breast surgery, to change implant sizes, nose surgery and mid facelift with Dr. C and I love his work. I don’t look pulled or fake or overdone like some plastic surgery patients I have seen. From my experience, I would highly recommend cosmetic surgery and Dr. Corbin to anyone needing a little nip/tuck.

Most importantly, when it comes to surgery of any type do not compromise on quality even if you pay a little more up front, because you don’t want to end up like me before I met Dr. Corbin. If price is the more important than the experience or quality of your surgeon than maybe you should reevaluate your desire for surgery. I thought I was saving money with my other surgeon, but believe me I ended up paying dearly for revision costs and also emotional suffering. If I can share or help anyone in any way that is the most important point I wish I had initially considered. Quality first and price second.

Always grateful,


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