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My breast surgery diary - Breast augmentation and lift

I am a 45 year old single parent of a 15 year old son, I am having a breast lift with silicone gel implants on April 27, 2006 with Dr. Corbin. I know many of his patients and he did my nose many years ago. I totally trust Dr. Corbin because he always wants the best for his patients. I've always wore c cup bra but my breast and nipples drooped down ward especially after I had a child.

I've always wanted to have a lift breast but I was in a relationship were my ex-boyfriend didn't want me to have anything done to my breast, now I know why. He was too jealous and was afraid other guys would stare at me and give my attention. After 12 years of his possessive behavior I couldn't take it any more so last year we we broke up. I scheduled my surgery in December, I also lost about 25 pounds which made my breast droop even more.

I looked around at other surgeons work, but I knew after looking at the breast expert website that Dr. Corbin was still the surgeon for me, I even came in with a picture from one of the patients off the breast expert site to show Dr. Corbin what I wanted (a miracle), if anybody could do it he could. He also came very highly recommended by family members and friends.

April 26, 2006 10:00 P.M. night before surgery, I am nervous and I have to get everything ready for me and my son. I try to sleep. I'm tossing and turning.

April 27, 2006 6: 00 a.m. I get up and take a shower. I didn't sleep very well last night, oh well I'll sleep after surgery. I feel nervous and excited. I got my son breakfast and almost took a drink of water and tea. Oops! I hugged my son and told him that I love him, my son felt a little sick so he stayed home. ( I think he was worried about my surgery too)

I went to pick up my sister who will drive me to Dr. Corbin's office in Brea and take my truck back home. And wait for my good friend will take me home after my surgery. Now I feel excited. The girls in Dr. Corbin office are quite calming and for some strange reason I don't feel nervous anymore just excited. I just keep imagining how I will look once my surgery is over.

My friends and family are calling me and wishing me luck. I keep reaching for something to drink. I am not supposed to eat or drink anything before my breast augmentation surgery. We arrive at the surgery center and it's time to go into the exam room and speak to the nurse, anesthesiologist, dr. Payne, who is wonderful…. I would totally recommend him to anyone. Dr. Corbin takes my before photos and marks and measures me for surgery. He is such a perfectionist. He measured me and measured and measured and measured, probably because my left breast was so different from the right breast by about 1oo cc's and a good inch lower.

Now its show time the nurse takes me back to the operating room. She is a wonderful caring nurse. Valerie. She held my hand while dr. Payne gave me what felt like four margaritas to knock me out. Then I fell asleep, the next thing I remember was waking up fully clothed and pressure in my chest but I was warned about the pressure on my chest.

Recovery room: Valerie the nurse called my name and said “you did great. Dr. Corbin did a beautiful job on your breasts. You are perky and full breasted” the nurse helped me to the restroom, got me dressed and wheeled me out to my family. I felt a little hungry and thirsty but not a lot of pain which surprised me. I fell asleep on the drive home and when I woke up my friend and son were helping out of the car. I immediately went to my bed and ask for some soup and 7 up. I fell a sleep again waking up only to go to the bathroom and take my medicines and vitamins I am still not in a lot of pain I just feel pressure on my breasts.

April 28, 2006 woke up sore feeling pressure and time for pain medicine. I went to the bathroom by myself and my other two sisters came over. I ate breakfast, just oatmeal and pineapple juice. Dr. Corbin and Marilyn the nurse called to see how I was, feeling. I told them only pressure and some discomfort. Today I am sitting in bed talking and watching TV I had lunch, took several cat naps still feel the same symptoms and pressure. I had dinner and walked to the bathroom by myself. I am doing great and doing everything they told me to do after surgery, resting. Later in the evening I took off the compression ace wrap and took a peek…. Wow!!!! They're large! My three sisters are amazed and so am i. I put on my strap again it just felt better to me to have the support.

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