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Diary of a Breast Surgery Patient

Of course I always wondered and fantasized about what it would be like to have a breast augmentation, But it always seemed so complicated and un real for me.

To tell you a little about me, I'm a twenty three year old, single mother of a 3 year old little son named Chris. I work full-time, plus waitress part-time, go to school and raise my son. So life as I see it is pretty full and overwhelming. I still always admired girls who had implants, and wished I to could have them.

In December of 2001, my sister had her augmentation done. Her breast's looked beautiful!! I was so jealous of her! Here I was a single mother, already feeling not skinny enough, my breast were drooping from nursing my son, I rarely had time to put make-up on, and my 5'4'' 105 pd sister gets her breast done. She was what I wanted to be. She had the confidence in herself that I wanted to have, But I still never thought it would happen.

Finally, in August of 2003, my time had arose. I met Dr. Corbin and his staff for my consultation and they were so patient with me. I was real nervous, because when you fantasize about what it would be like to have an augmentation, it's just a fantasy, it's not real, and now it was becoming real. I called and asked questions probably everyday for 2 weeks, before my pre-oprative appointment even came. Then I had my preoperative appointment Monday August 8th, and Surgery was scheduled for Wednesday August 20th. I was so nervous. I had weird dreams. My mind was constantly racing with questions but I was determined to have surgery.

At my consultation with Dr. Corbin he assessed my breast and stated I needed a lift. I knew at that time I didn't feel good about myself and there was one of the reasons. I needed a lift on the left breast due to it being quite a bit uneven with my right side.

I agreed. Anything to make my breast beautiful. I also was a candidate for silicone implants, which after doing a lot of research on the difference and the naturality of saline versus silicone. I chose the silicone. I wanted to look natural so when Marilyn, the nurse at Dr. Corbin's sized me I decided on 350cc's.

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