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Diary of a Breast Surgery Patient

Starting at around age 15 when all my friends were developing breasts and my shape wasn’t blossoming is the first time I thought about breast implants. My teen years were traumatic, because not only was I very skinny I had no shape. I was as they would say, “Flat as a board” In my opinion, not a flattering look for a young woman.

In fact I was teased and taunted by the saying, “You must be a member of the itty bitty titty committee.” I was fairly athletic so I tried to be optimistic about being flat chested. I would tell myself that breasts would just get in the way when I was running, doing hurdles, or track and field events.

Eventually, I started getting the attention of boys , but I was never as popular as some of my other friends who were well developed. After High school I was able to work more and I started earning money. I read in a magazine that they were putting breast implants in through the nipple and also through the arm pit. I also read that the cost was around $5000.00. Back then that seemed like such a lot of money! I started saving.

I eventually met a guy who loved me the way I was. I remember finding playboy magazines under his bed and feeling very jealous of the beautiful shapely models who graced the pages.

 After a couple years in this steady relationship I confided to Al that I was insecure about my breast size and I was thinking about breast implants. He acted horrified! He already was a jealous and possessive man and he totally discouraged me from enlarging my breast size. Eventually his infidelity ended that relationship after 5 years.

I was a young single attractive, fit woman. At first dating was awkward, but eventually I became more comfortable with my body. I was modeling and my small breasts and skinny body was actually an asset. Great!

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