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Diary of a Breast Surgery Patient

I enjoyed my new confidence and body for 8 years before thinking about having another breast surgery to get larger implants. It was this decision that resulted in 2 breast revisions surgeries. I went to the same surgeon who performed my first breast augmentation. What I ended up with was a breast deformity on my left breast! I assumed my second surgery would go as well as my first. All I wanted to do was to get larger breast implants. For whatever reason the surgeon did a horrible looking surgery leaving me with a huge double bubble!

I was living in Los Angeles and had many friends who had breast surgery done by Dr. Corbin. I had seen his work and admired his tiny incisions on other models breasts or under their arms. Unfortunately, my plastic surgeon put my scars under my breasts in the fold. I never liked having a scar there, but once it was there it was always there. Anyway, I was told by a friend to go and see Dr. Corbin about correcting the mess left behind by the previous surgery from the other surgeon. My girlfriend called his office and I was surprised that he saw me so quickly, given how busy he is.

I was so embarrassed by the way my left breast looked that I wouldn’t show anyone my breasts. Even my boyfriend. I was extremely nervous about meeting Dr. Corbin because my friends used to refer to him as The Breast Expert and The bomb! I was sure that he had seen a mess like mine before, but I was still self conscious to expose myself and my deformed breasts to The Breast Expert!

When we arrived at his office we were welcomed by Alice one of his long time employees. She knew my girlfriend and introduced herself to me. She was so nice! After the usual paperwork I sat in an exam room waiting to see Dr. Corbin. ("The Bomb" as my girlfriend referred to him)

I remember sitting there in a cloth gown in anticipation of what the breast expert had to say. I worried that he wouldn’t be able to fix me and I would have to live with a breast deformity forever. Finally after every scenario played over and over in my head, Dr. Corbin came in to the exam room. He was so professional. I felt very intimidated at first. When he asked to examine me and see what my concerns were I removed the gown and showed him the double bubble.

 At first he didn’t say anything he just shook his head as he examined me. I thought, "oh my god maybe he hasn’t seen anyone so bad before." Then Dr. Corbin said what I was dreaming about hearing, “I have corrected many breast deformities like this in the past. Your problem is not an easy one to correct, but I am confident that I can improve the appearance of your breasts.” I was told to get my operative report from my other surgeon’s office so Dr. Corbin could review it before my reconstructive surgery with him.

I left Dr. Corbin’s office with a new sense of hope. It may sound so vain to be so concerned about the appearance of my breasts, but they are a big part of my feminity. Also being in the modeling business I relied on my overall appearance to earn a living.

I had the first of 2 reconstructive surgeries with Dr. Corbin. After my last surgery I was so grateful for Dr. Corbin’s expertise, experience and surgical skill. When I look at where I started and where he got me after his revision surgery I couldn’t be happier.

Over 10 years has passed since that experience and over those years I have referred family, friends and acquaintances to Dr. Corbin and they too all have been happy with his work. He is a very gifted plastic surgeon, not only in breast surgery, but all areas of plastic and reconstructive surgery.

I recently had another breast surgery, nose surgery and midfacelift with Dr. C and I love his work. I don’t look pulled or fake or overdone like some plastic surgery patients I have seen. From my experience, I would highly recommend cosmetic surgery and Dr. Corbin to anyone needing a little nip-tuck.