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Diary of a Breast Surgery Patient

Mon. 3/26/07: It’s 3 days before my surgery day and I am not nervous at all. I have finally chosen my implant size with the help of Dee and Valerie. I have decided to go with a 350cc implant. We all came to the conclusion that would look proportionate with my figure. I have dropped off my prescriptions to be filled and they will be ready on Wednesday

Tues. 3/27/07: I’m starting to get a little nervous about the implant size but not the actually surgery, go figure? I don’t want to look too “top – heavy.” I spoke with Marilyn today and she said there’s no difference between a 325cc implant versus a 350cc implant. So I have once again decided to stay with the 350cc implant size. Marilyn has been so understanding with me in regards to the Breast Implant size, thank you Nurse Marilyn!

Wed. 3/28/07: This is my last night of having small droopy breast! I have waited so many years for this I can’t believe the day has almost arrived for the “new twins.” I have everything organized at home and ready for my friend Valerie to take care of me. I have picked up all of my prescriptions and now I’m going to spend the rest of the night with my amazing son!

Thurs. 3/29/07: My surgery day has now finally arrived, wow! I have dropped off my son at school and I am now on my way to work. I have decided to work all day to keep my mind pre-occupied. I am now at the Surgery Center and I am definitely nervous however the entire staff, Ruth, Dee, Alice, Lynne, Marilyn, & Valerie have reassured me everything will be fine. Dr. Payne (Anesthesiologist) has now came into the exam room to go over my medical history and explain everything he is going to do. Dr. Payne made me feel extremely comfortable & I now know I am in good hands with him Dr. Corbin has now came into the exam room to take photos, mark me, and go over the details of the surgery. Marilyn came into the exam room to escort me back to the operating room & that’s when it hit me, I’m actually doing this, doing something for myself! Before I went back I had to make one last phone call & that was to my son to tell him I love him and I would speak to him after surgery.

Surgery is over and I am recovering. I have no pain at all! I feel great thanks to Val (my recovery Nurse). I have just arrived home I have no pain just a little sleepy. I have been resting for the last hours & I feel great! I must say it is a little difficult to get up off of the couch, however once I’m up I’m okay. I am now going to sleep and watch movies with Renee.

Fri. 3/30/07: I slept great and still have no pain! I can’t open my medication Bottles however I have Valerie here to help me out! We have just taken off my ace bandage & wow what a relief! I didn’t even realize how tight that was, now I feel even BETTER! I am up and about with STILL NO PAIN! I must admit that I have heard horror stories about the pain, pressure, feeling like you’ve been hit by a “Mac” truck, & that it’s worse than child birth however I don’t feel anything like that! The only thing I can honestly say Is that I feel heaviness when I get up, that’s it. Dr. Corbin is such an AMAZING surgeon I wish I would have done this 10 years ago.

Sat. 3/31/07: Once again, I have no pain to report, just heaviness when I get up. I am extremely swollen so I think I should lie down & apply ice for a little bit. I have had a few visitors & everyone is very supportive.

Sun. 4/01/07: Today I was able to take my first shower & I had no problems lifting my arms up to shampoo my hair. I am actually on my way out with Ruthie to go see a movie! This whole experience has been a “piece of cake”. I just wish I would have done it sooner. I am now back from the movies & walking around the mall & I will admit I am a bit tired. I’m going to lie down and rest.

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