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Diary of a Breast Surgery Patient

Mon. 4/02/07: Today is my first day back at work and I have done better than I thought. The only thing that was a little difficult for me to do was to get things down from a higher shelf. When I would try and get something from up high I would feel a “pulling” effect. I guess that was my sign to let me know I was doing a little too much. Today was the first day I was able to drive my car & my best Advice is to drive a little more conservatively than normal especially when turning! Again, all I felt was a little “pulling” effect. I am still however very swollen. I am now at home & I have decided to apply ice to help with my swelling.

Tues. 4/03/07: I am still sleeping at a 45 degree angle & my back is starting to ache a little bit but other than that everything is fine. I still have a lot of swelling. I have called nurse Marilyn and she said that’s normal healing. It just takes time for everything to settle and heal.

Wed. 04/04/07: I am now starting to experience a “burning” sensation & shooting pains in my right breast which is absolutely normal. This means My nerve endings are coming back together! Believe it or not, I Have no pain associated with this feeling!

Thurs. 04/05/07: I am starting to notice my right breast dropping into the pocket Dr. Corbin created & it has a funky shape right now however this is absolutely normal it will settle in time.

Fri. 04/06/07: My right breast is still looking a little funky but other than that I am doing great. My left breast hasn’t started to drop yet. It is changing everyday and I can see positive changes.

Sat. 04/07/07: Everything is going along just the way it should be, perfectly!

Sun. 04/08/07: My left breast is starting to drop & is having increasing shooting Pains however this is normal. I’m looking good! Yeah!

Mon. 04/09/07: I noticed today that I must have done a little too much because I Felt that “pulling” effect. I have to remember to slow down a bit.

Tues. 04/10/07: Same progress as mentioned earlier however I’m now wearing a sports bra that hooks in the back. (still no under wire).

Wed. 04/11/07: Feeling great. Breast implants are still settling, but looks great!

Thurs. 04/12/07: I still feel the shooting pains but not as often. My right breast Looks perfect as it has dropped all the way.

Fri. 04/13/07: I went out socially for the 1st time & I felt a little self conscious but Other than that feeling good. I am getting used to all the extra Attention. I love the way I look in all my clothes. I feel like I look more curvaceous and feminine. My breasts are healing well, no pain now and they are dropping and the swelling has gone away.

Dr. Corbin is such an AMAZING surgeon I wish I would have done this 10 years ago. I finally did something good for myself!