Breast augmentation
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Breast recontruction
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Breast augmentation and lift
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Breast augmentation and lift

Pre op day:

I am a little nervous now that my surgery is only one week away. It has taken me so many years to finally make the decision to have my breasts done. I was fine with my breasts before I had my two children. My breasts were always small, but after the kids they are now small with droopy skin. My husband tells me he loves me the way I am, but I want to do the surgery for me!

I went to Dr. Corbin's office today for my pre surgery appointment. I was late for the appointment because of traffic. The girls in the office have so understood about everything. Every question or concern I have either Dr. Corbin or one of his nurses offers me reassurance and answers.

I signed all my surgery consents, did my blood work and made my final payment. I am amazed at how quickly things are coming together. I left the office today feeling very confident with everything. Dee at Dr. Corbin's office has been so helpful. I feel like she is always available for my husband and me. He is starting to get a little jealous. Today he made some comment about me getting a lot of extra attention from men after my surgery. I reassured him that I don't care about other men's opinions.

My husband has been wonderful! He came to all the appointments with me to speak with Dr. Corbin and ask questions that were important to him. My husband is also very comfortable with my surgeon, which is very important to me.

Day 1

Last night we took the kids over to my mother in laws. I thought I would sleep in a bit, but I was too nervous! We arrived at the surgery center early because we were not sure about traffic. Melody my nurse was very sweet. I met my anesthesiologist too. I told him how nervous I was and he was very kind and understanding. Dr. Corbin took my before photos and marked my chest with a marker. He carefully explained what the marks were and what he was going to do in surgery. Sometimes I feel a little intimidated because he is so smart.

The next thing I knew I kissed my husband and the nurse took me into the operating room. My heart started beating like crazy and my mouth felt dry when I saw all the equipment in there. Melody helped me on to the operating table and held my hand while my other Dr. Prepared me for anesthesia. The next thing I remember I was in the recovery room.

I am now at home. The ride home was a little uncomfortable. I don't feel nauseas, but I feel pressure on my chest. It feels similar to the heavy feeling my breast had when I was breast-feeding.

I think I will just stay in bed today.

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