Breast augmentation
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Breast recontruction
  Diary #1

Breast augmentation and lift
   Diary #1
   Diary #2



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Breast augmentation and lift

Day 2

Yesterday was uncomfortable for me, but I am feeling much better today. I took the tight bandage that was wrapped around my breasts off and I can take a deep breath now. What a relief! I did not sleep very well last night because it was awkward sleeping at a 45-degree angle. Thank god for the pain medicine.

I am getting my appetite back. I am so glad that I am not nauseated. I actually do not feel too bad today. Better than yesterday and better than I expected. I feel grungy, as I have not taken a shower yet. The nurse at the Dr. Corbin's office told me it was ok to take a sponge bath.

My husband had to go back to work today so my girlfriend came by to help me. She was amazed at how well I am doing. She asked me if she can see my breasts, but I am not ready yet!

I have stopped taking my pain medicine during the day I am just going to take it to help me fall asleep at night. I am putting ice around my breasts and this is helping with the pain.

Day 3

I am doing much better today. I took a sponge bath, washed my hair and I feel much better. It is amazing what a little soap and water will do. I am sooo happy with the way my breasts look! Even though it is so soon after the surgery and I have a little swelling and a little bruising on my left breast I am happy! I am full and perky! I can't wait until I am totally healed so I can enjoy Dr. Corbin's' work.

I am not going to show my husband until I get the stitches removed.

Day 4

The kids are back with us. We told them that I was not feeling very well and that I had to be careful and they could not jump on me. I am scared the little one will whack me a good one and I will bleed or something. So far though they have been very good. I am still tender around my breasts, but it is weird my left one hurts more than my right. There is no difference in their size the left one is so sensitive.

Day 5

Today we went to Dr. Corbin's office to have the stitches removed. Dr. Corbin thought I looked great, and removed some of the stitches, but not all of them. He said it was too soon so I have to go back in a few days. My husband saw my new breasts for the first time and he told me now I look like I have the breasts of a teenager. He can't believe how perky they are even without my surgical bra. He has been so wonderful I could not have done this surgery without his help.

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